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Top 10 Powdery perfumes for women 2022


Powdery scents are often describe something that reminds people of makeup. These powdery notes can be combined with fresh notes or sweet notes and many scents like to combine floral notes with them. 

These following top 10 scents are the most popular options at the moment including one very new release of 2022. If you already know that you love powdery scents then keep reading! 

Check the notes of each scent below and pick your favourites. 

Spettacolore Bvlgari is a new widely loved scent for Fall. This has just been launched in 2022 and it comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of iris, myrrh and amber.

Lili Fantasy is another new fragrance that has a unique scent. Make sure to test before making a purchase since this scent shares opinions. Strong notes of bubblegum, tuberose and ambroxan create a moderate performance.

One Jennifer Lopez is a new affordable scent that has a moderate performance and strong notes of clearwood, suede, sandalwood and oakmoss.

L’interdit Edp Rouge Givenchy is a new widely loved cool weather scent released in 2021. This has an amazing performance and strong notes of ginger, blood orange, tuberose and sandalwood.

Darling Kylie Minogue 2021 is a new affordable scent for Spring, Fall and Winter. This mass appealing scent has a moderate performance and strong notes of vanilla, litchi, amberwood and passionfruit.

My Way Giorgio Armani is a 2020 fragrance that has a moderate performance and strong notes of orange blossom, tuberose and bergamot. Mass appealing warm weather scent.

Irresistible Givenchy is a mass appealing rosy scent for Spring, Summer and Fall. Comes with a moderate performance created from strong notes of pear, musk and rose.

Lovely Garden is a lovely new signature scent that has a great performance and strong notes of rose, toffee, incense and pink pepper.

M Mariah Carey is an affordable and mass appealing cool weather scent that comes with strong notes of marshmallows, incense and tiare flower that create a good performance.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker is another mass appealing and affordable option you can wear during Spring time. Strong notes of lavender, musk, martini and bergamot create a moderate performance.



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