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Women's Perfumes everyone love 2022


These top 10 perfumes are very mass appealing, unique and loved by most people. In case you wished to make a blind buy or give a perfume as a gift these are the safest choices out there. You can find some high end fragrances as well as affordable options in this list and scents for each season of the year. 

Check out the notes I listed below each fragrance and pick your favourites.

Oriana Parfums De Marly is a high end fragrance released in 2021. You can wear this widely loved perfume throughout the year! It comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of whipped cream, marshmallows, mandarin orange and orange blossom.

Electric Fantasy is a new affordable fragrance released by Britney Spears in 2021. Wear throughout the year and enjoy the moderate performance and strong notes of heliotrope, passion fruit and pink pepper.

Black Opium Extreme is a new mass appealing cool weather fragrance that has a moderate performance and strong notes of cacao, coffee, vanilla and patchouli.

Le Parfum Lumiere by Elie Saab is a new widely loved flower scent for Spring and Fall. Strongest notes include orange blossom, gardenia, mandarin orange and tuberose that create a powerful performance.

Very Good Girl is another new fragrance released in 2021. This popular and widely loved scent has a good performance and strong notes of litchi, red currant, rose and vanilla. Great for Summer, Fall and Spring.

By The Fireplace is a cool weather scent that many love. It has a moderate performance that makes it perfect for more intimate situations. Smells just like a fireplace with a hint of vanilla. Great cool weather scent.

Wanted Girl By Night is another lovely cool weather scent that comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of whipped cream, night blooming cereus and rum.

Bitter Peach is a unique and long lasting Fall scent that has a moderate performance and strong notes of peach, blood orange, rum and patchouli.

Mojave Ghost is one of my ultimate favourites. It has a moderate performance and a fruity and sweet scent made from sapodilla, magnolia and violet notes to mention few. Great warm weather scent.

La Nuit Tresor Nude is a lovely scent for Spring, Summer and Fall. Notes of coconut, vanilla, bergamot and rose create a moderate performance.


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