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Top 10 Vanilla Perfumes for men 2021


I’ve decided to list some of the best vanilla fragrances for you since there are so many to choose from! These are some of the most popular and powerful vanilla scents in 2021. Vanilla is overall very often used in perfumes and it can make the fragrance last longer and give it a hint of sweetness. These scents are especially great for Fall and Winter. So if you know you like vanilla keep reading! 

Vanilla is a very inoffensive and widely loved note according to men and women alike. It has been used as a fragrance for a long time and it has said to work as an aphrodisiac. It can also be comforting and help you relax. 

Check the note combinations of each scent below and pick your favorites!

By The Fireplace is a unisex fragrance that really smells like a fireplace combined with a hint of vanilla! This sweet and unique cool weather scent lasts long and has a moderate sillage. Strongest notes include vanilla, chestnut and wood.

Chocolate Greedy is a tasty gourmand fragrance that has strong notes of cacao, vanilla and tonka bean. Widely loved cool weather scent that comes with a powerful performance.

Spirit Of The Brave Intense is yet another long lasting cool weather scent some like some don’t. But this more affordable scent has a unique note combination of vanilla, cypress and apple that create a moderate sillage. 

Armani Code Absolu is a mass appealing cool weather scent that has strong notes of nutmeg, vanilla, suede and tonka bean that create a powerful performance.

Spicebomb Extreme is a mixture of vanilla, tobacco and spices like black pepper. This is one of the most loved cool weather scents out there that also has a powerful performance.

Le Male Essence has a less intense vanilla note and a moderate sillage. But this long lasting fragrance is still a great option for Winter and Fall many love. Strongest notes include leather, cardamom, lavender and vanilla.

Pegasus is a high end fragrance that comes with a mixture of notes like almonds, vanilla and sandalwood to mention few. Great for day and night and carries a powerful performance.

Angelique Noire is a long lasting and very mass appealing fragrance for Winter and Fall. This lovely scent has a moderate sillage and strongest notes include vanilla, angelica and pear.

Intense Cafe Montale is a unisex fragrance that has a powerful performance. This day and night time scent comes with strong notes of rose, coffee, vanilla and musk. Wear during Winter and Fall.

Vanille West Indies is simple but powerful. This lovely scent has strong notes of vanilla, caramel and orchid. Best worn in a cool weather.


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