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Top 10 Affordable Perfumes For Women in 2021


2021 has been a year that has already given us many new scents from affordable brands like Juicy Couture and bvlgari. If you are new in the fragrance game and don’t really know what you like yet it’s great to try some different affordables before getting your first expensive fragrance. These following scents are quite popular and loved by many but if you wish you had more options to choose from check my older post here

You’ll find some scents are cheaper than others but all are overall on the more affordable side of things. You’ll also find some new releases of 2021.

Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night is a sweet rum scent for the night time. This comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of whipped cream, rum and night blooming cereus.

Oui Splash is a fruity mass appealing Summer scent that has strong notes of pineapple, sorbet and lemon. This one has a moderate performance.

Omnia Coral is a mass appealing warm weather fragrance that comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of pomegranate, hibiscus and water lily.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is a mixture of florals and fruits. This warm weather scent has a moderate performance and strongest notes include apple leaf, yellow freesia and magnolia.

Pure XS is a long lasting cool weather fragrance that has a moderate sillage. Heaviest notes include popcorn, vanilla, coconut and ylang-ylang.

Si Fiori is a widely loved scent for Spring and Fall. Strongest notes include black currant, neroli and vanilla that create a moderate performance.

Daisy Marc Jacobs is a soapy fruit scent that you can wear during Summer and Spring. Comes with moderate performance and notes like violet leaf, grapefruit, strawberry and violet.

Platinum Rush is a warm weather scent that has a moderate performance. Unique note combination of mango, watery notes, pear and magnolia.

212 Vip Party Fever is a fruity marine scent for the Summer. This comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of litchi, raspberry, liquor and sea notes.

Ck2 by Calvin Klein is yet another mass appealing warm weather scent. This one has a moderate performance just like the previous ones but a very unique note combination of pebbles, wasabi and violet leaf to mention few.


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