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My most complimented perfumes 2021

I’m finally updating my most complimented perfumes list as I’ve widened my perfume collection since last year and got new compliments! 

As an honorable mention I want to point out that my husband liked Feve Delicieuse. It wasn’t really anything too special in his opinion even if he complimented me. This is why I don’t want to add it on this list cause it is way too expensive considering how it really hasn’t worked as a compliment magnet. But however I’ve heard other people get more compliments with Feve Delicieuse so thought it deserves to be mentioned! 

Now without further ado lets start with the first one that actually surprised me as I thought the sillage wasn’t strong enough for others to  notice it! I was obviously  wrong.

Lolita Lempicka is a cool weather scent that you can wear day and night. This long lasting scent has a moderate sillage and strong notes of Star Anise, Violet, Licorice and cherries. Got my compliment as I was sitting in a car with others. Very sweet cherry scent.

It was surprising for me how much my husband loved Narciso Rodriguez For Her! I am personally not a huge fan. I like sweet fragrances and this one is simply a pretty flower bomb. Anyhow when I walked past my husband he said I smelled nice, came closer to take a deeper sniff and gave me a kiss! His reaction made me wear this more often and I know he is not the only man who likes this. 

“Uuu you smell good! ” is what I have heard couple times while wearing Angel Muse. This is a sweet and strong scent that will get you noticed and it is widely loved even though some might think it is a bit too strong. I was simply wearing this and my husband could notice it by just being in the same room with me. This perfume has notes like patchouli, hazelnut cocoa spread and vetiver. 

I heard many times that I smelled so good while wearing Armani Code Cashmere. It is yet another winter fragrance with notes like almond, florals and leather. This is my most complimented scent and also a very sweet scent.

Cacharel Yes I Am is not a strong scent but if you are standing close to someone they can notice it. I was told I smelled “like a woman! ” when wearing this so it’s obviously a very feminine sweet scent.   This scent has notes like raspberry, milk and caramel that create a scent that reminds me of a milkshake. 

Girl of now has some fruity sweetness with a hint of nuts like almonds and pistachio. It is not super sweet or super heavy but people will notice it when you walk past. I got my complement in a store when a lady walked past me. She ended up asking what perfume I was wearing. Long lasting scent for colder days of the year.

Light Blue Intense is a fresh summer scent that comes with a long lasting scent and a moderate sillage. This lovely scent has strong notes of lemon, apple and musk. Got my compliment as I was walking in front of my husband. Another compliment inside a car.

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