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Top 10 Long Lasting Perfumes for men in 2021


These top 10 long lasting scents are some of the most popular scents in 2021. Get your money’s worth and make sure you’ll still be able to smell the scent the next day by choosing one of the following fragrances. These head turners are great for a date night, night out, formal events or basically any day whether you’re staying at home or not. You’ll find many sweet scents and even some gourmand scents from this list. 

Check the notes of each scent listed below and pick your favorites. If you don’t find anything you like here make sure to check my older post here.

A*men Pure Havane is a cool weather scent perfect for night time. Strong and long lasting scent that has strong notes of tobacco, white honey and vanille.

Layton is great day and night and basically any time of the year. This powerful scent comes with strong notes of apple, vanilla, cardamom and lavender. Very widely loved scent almost no one dislikes.

Aoud Lemon Mint is a powerful fresh warm weather fragrance that lasts forever. Strongest notes in this mass appealing scent include almonds, lemon and agarwood.

Bentley For Men Intense is a spicy cool weather scent that fits perfectly for the night time. Widely loved and powerful scent that has strong notes of rum, woody notes, leather and incense.

Chergui Serge Lutens is a mixture of sweet honey, amber and tobacco. This cool weather scent is long lasting and comes with a moderate sillage.

Jazz Club is a widely loved tobacco scent for Winter and Fall. Long lasting scent with a moderate sillage and strong notes of rum, tobacco leaf and vanilla.

Scandal Parfum Cologne is a day time scent for Spring and Fall. Comes with a moderate sillage and strong notes of lavender, lemon, mint and moss.

Virgin Island Water is a summer scent that has a moderate performance. Strongest notes are coconut, lime and white rum. Mass appealing day time scent.

Spice Bomb Extreme is one of the most loved winter scents that has strong notes of vanilla, tobacco and black pepper. Strong and long lasting fragrance.

Bleu de Chanel is a super popular signature scent that comes with strong notes of citruses, ginger and incense. Long lasting scent with a moderate sillage.


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