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Top 10 Fragrance brands I love 2021


These are the brands I always come back to 2021. I desire to collect more and more of their fragrances and they never let me down! My favorite brands are known to have perfumes with great performances. Some brands are more expensive than others but they all come up with the most exiting scents! 


Most of these names might already be familiar to you since many are very popular and I’m not the only one who loves their products. These are my personal favorites that I would recommend. As someone who loves sweet and gourmand scents as well as aquatic scents I definitely have found some great ones amongst these brands.

If I had to pick one brand out of this list I would go with Byredo. That’s just what I like when it comes to perfumes. If you wish to find more of my favorite fragrance brands check out my older post here


Parfums de Marly has many quality scents that have mass appealing and unique notes. Some I find nice are Delina and Cassili as well as some mens perfumes like Carlisle, Pegasus and Layton. These scents often last long and project far but have a higher price tag.

Dior has many popular scents I like. These include Poison Girl, Pure Poison, Hypnotic Poison and Dior Addict. All very popular among many and not only that they have amazing powerful performances.

Amouage is another brand on the expensive side of things but their scents do often come with amazing performances and mass appealing combinations of notes. Some that I like for men include Reflection Man and Interlude Man and for women Honour Woman and Sunshine which is one of the most unique summer scents a woman can find!

Giorgio Armani has some very mass appealing scents that come with good performances. My favorites include Cashmere, Armani Code, Si Passione and for men Stronger With You, Acqua Di Gio and Armani Code Absolu.

Paris Hilton has many affordable scents that come with moderate performances. My favorites include Heiress, Platinum Rush and Gold Rush. Sweet, mass appealing and unique scents that have a combination of fresh, aquatic and sweet.

Juicy Couture is another affordable brand that has many fragrances for the sweet scent lovers (that’s me!). Their scents are very mass appealing and loved by many but sadly only come with moderate performances. Try scents called Juicy Couture, Noir, Rah Rah Rouge and Oui Splash.

Byredo. I would even go as far as to say this brand makes my current favorite fragrance as seen in the picture, yes I’m talking about Mojave Ghost. It was love at first sniff! It blew my mind away and I absolutely love it. It is sweet like gummy bears with a slight aquatic vibe. But that’s not all. I also love Bal d’Afrique that smells quite similar to Mojave Ghost. For some reason many of their perfumes smell so pleasant to me but sadly many also have a very poor projection. Other scents to check out from them: Velvet haze and Gypsy Water.

Montale is one of my favorite brands when it comes to gourmand scents. You’ll find that the rest of the brands go to the same gourmand category which I love. Scents I love from Montale include Chocolate Greedy, Vanilla Cake, Intense Cafe and Sweet Vanilla. These fragrances also have super long lasting scents and strong sillages.

Mancera yet another brand that provides perfumes with powerful performances. If you like a coconut scent during summer time try Holidays. If you like bubble gum scents try Velvet Vanilla. For men I would recommend Aoud Lemon Mint for summer. Unique and powerful fragrances.

Kilian is one on the more expensive side of things. Their scents are powerful and unique. My favorites include the sweet cherry scent called Back To Black as well as Good Girl Gone Bad and Angel’s Share and Black Phantom for men.


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