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Top 10 Blind Buy Worthy Perfumes For Women 2021


The following list includes mass appealing scents most love! These inoffensive fragrances are great to blind buy or give someone as a gift. However there will always be people who don’t like even the most inoffensive fragrances and anyone who considers buying blind has to realize that there is still a possibility you won’t end up loving your new scent. Because of this buying blind is a better option for someone who knows what notes they like. Check the notes of each scent below and see when to wear them!

Bvlgari Omnia Coral is a mass appealing summer fragrance for the day time. This scent comes with a moderate performance and a unique note combination of pomegranate, hibiscus and water lily.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is a mass appealing 2000’s scent for summer and day time. Strongest notes include apple leaf, italian mandarin and yellow freesia that create a moderate performance.

La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier is a newer release and already loved by many. This cool weather scent is great for day and night and it comes with a heavy performance as well as strong notes of pear, vanilla and vetiver.

The Scent Private Accord by Hugo Boss is a cool weather scent that smells like orange flavored dark chocolate. This fragrance has a moderate performance and strongest notes include cacao, mandarin orange and tonka bean. Great for day and night.

 Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture. This is a fruity sweet scent you can wear any season and day and night. Widely loved scent that comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of wild berries, caramel and vanilla. Might get a bit too sweet during hot summer days!

Si Fiori by Giorgio Armani is a fruity vanilla scent many love. This Fall & Spring fragrance comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of black currant, neroli and vanilla.


Elie Saab Le Parfum edt is a mass appealing Spring day time scent. Moderate performance and strong notes of orange blossom, honey and gardenia.

Eau Tendre by Chanel is a warm weather scent for day time. This popular fragrance has a moderate performance and strong notes of Quince, Hyacinth and musk.

Daisy Marc Jacobs is a widely loved warm weather scent for the day time. Moderate performance and strong notes of strawberries, violet leaf and musk.

Loverdose Red Kiss by Diesel. This sweet scent is great for Winter and Fall and comes with a strong performance. Strongest notes include sugar, hazelnut, cacao and black currant.


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