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How to smell shower fresh
For women


I’ve been speaking of fragrances on my blog a lot but when you just want to smell shower fresh and maintain that throughout the day it’s best to combine different products. Today we will be looking at the best products and most popular scents to use with them to create that fresh out of the shower vibe.

You’ll find many soapy, aquatic, fresh and clean products listed below. They won’t have any sweet notes since that won’t help us reach our goal. Feel free to think outside the box and use your favorite clean fragrance with these products. They might go well together!

Spraying a clean fragrance isn’t always enough. What should come first is good hygiene and to make your fragrance stand out more what would be better than use the same scent as your shower gel? After this you should continue with a lotion and a deodorant. The lotion will certainly make your fragrance last longer. So what are the best options there?

Light Blue Intense is a powerful fresh scent many love. This mass appealing fragrance comes with strong notes of lemon, apple and musk. Very realistic citrus scent that’ll last long and project nicely. Enhance this scent with the Light Blue shower gel, deodorant and body cream. 

Pure Grace is one of the best soapy clean fragrances out there. This warm weather scent comes with a gentle performance and strong notes of musk, lavender and jasmine. Get the perfume on Amazon here. You can also find bunch of Pure Grace products to have with the fragrance like lotion, shampoo, bath and shower gel, body creme, deodorant, dry shampoo and body spritz.

Neroli Portofino Acqua is a mass appealing fresh scent that has strong notes of lemon, bergamot, neroli and orange blossom. This scent stays close to skin but lasts quite a while. Mass appealing scent that you can combine with Tom Fords Neroli Portofino products like shower gel, deodorant and body moisturiser.

Bal d’Afrique is a unique and fruity fresh fragrance. This scent comes with a moderate performance and strong notes of lemon, tagetes, vetiver and black currant. One of my personal favorites and a more unique option. Widely loved scent but not often described as a basic “shower fresh” scent. So try this one if you want something a bit more unique and if you’re a fan of this fragrance. You can get it with a shower gel, lotion and hair perfume.

Eau Des Merveilles Bleue is one of my favorite aquatic sea scents. This inoffensive fragrance has a moderate performance and strong notes of woods, patchouli and sea notes. To enhance this scent you can use the Eau Des Merveilles shower gel and lotion before applying the fragrance. They are two very similar scents so they’ll work together well.


 If you’re wondering what deodorant to wear with these last two scents go ahead and try the ones mentioned earlier like pure grace. 

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