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Top 10 Sweet perfumes for women 2021


Here you’ll find some of the most popular sweet scents that fit perfectly for cooler seasons. Sweet scents often last longer and have a more powerful sillages. 

These are my current favorites in 2021 but if you wish to find more sweet perfumes check my older blog post here. 

Check the notes of each scent below and pick your favorites!

Girl Of Now is one of my favorites. I like to wear it during Spring, Winter and Fall as my signature scent. It’s mass appealing and has a great performance that makes sure you’ll get noticed. Strongest notes include almond milk, almonds, pistachios and tonka bean. 

Loverdose Red Kiss has a great performance and a mass appealing scent that comes from strong notes of hazelnut, sugar, black currant and cacao. 

Angel Muse is a super powerful Winter fragrance that comes with strong notes of hazelnut cocoa spread, patchouli and vetiver.

Britney Spears Fantasy is an affordable cool weather scent that has strong notes of kiwi, litchi and white chocolate. Comes with a strong performance.

Cassili Parfums de Marly is a widely loved warm weather scent that has a moderate performance and strong notes of frangipani, plum and red currant.

La Nuit Tresor is a mass appealing cool weather scent that has a great performance and many strong notes like praline, caramel, litchi and strawberry. 

Back to Black Kilian is a super strong perfume that has strong notes of cherries, honey and tobacco. Widely loved cool weather fragrance. 

Paco Rabanne Pure XS has a unique note combination of popcorn, vanilla, ylang-ylang and coconut. Long lasting cool weather scent that has a moderate sillage.

Pour Femme Intense D&G has a moderate performance and strong notes of marshmallow, sandalwood and orange blossom. Great cool weather scent.

La Vie Est Belle is a super popular perfume that has a heavy performance and strong notes of praline, vanilla, patchouli and black currant.

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