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Top 10 Fresh Perfumes For Women 2021


Pick a nice fresh scent for the office, beach or summer and spring. These are some of the most loved fresh scents out there and some have stronger performances than others. You’ll find many soapy clean scents as well as floral and fruity scents. We all need at least one fresh scent for the summer or the beach since heat can turn a sweet fragrance too sweet. If you can’t find anything you like here make sure to also check out my older fresh fragrance blog post here.

Gypsy Water is a great intimate scent with a gentle performance. This mass appealing perfumes has notes of juniper, sandalwood, lemon and pine needles. Great for Spring, Fall and Summer.

Chanel Chance EDT is a mass appealing Spring scent that has strong notes of patchouli, pink pepper, pineapple and lemon that create a powerful performance. 

Yellow Diamond is yet another mass appealing warm weather fragrance. This is a mixture of yellow and white florals as well as citruses like lemon, mimosa and water lily. Comes with a moderate performance.

Bvlgari Omnia Coral EDT is very easy to like and has a unique note combo that includes pomegranate, hibiscus, musk and water lily.

Toy 2 is a soapy yet a little sweet scent. It has strong notes of apple, white currant and musk. Great warm weather fragrance with a moderate performance. 

Bal D’Afrique is a widely loved warm weather scent that has a unique note combination of tagetes, lemon and vetiver. It also has a moderate performance. 

Pure Grace Philosophy has a very gentle performance. This is a soapy clean scent that comes from notes like musk, lavender and water lily. 

Delina is a lovely warm weather scent that has a powerful performance. This scent has a combination of rhubarb, litchi, rose and peony that create an almost aquatic floral scent. One of the most unique floral fragrances I’ve come across. 

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is a popular warm weather fragrance that comes with strong notes of Quince, hyacinth, grapefruit and musk. Widely loved scent that has a moderate performance. 

Ralph Ralph Lauren is a classic mass appealing Summer scent that has strong notes of apple leaf, yellow freesia and italian mandarin. It also has a moderate performance. 


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