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Top 10 Luxury perfumes for men in 2021

Here you’ll find some of the most loved luxury fragrances for men in 2021. These are some of the most popular high end smelling scents that have amazing performances. Check the notes of each perfume below and pick your favorites. 


Chergui is a unisex fragrance that in my opinion is definitely for men. This widely loved cool weather scent has strong notes of tobacco leaf, honey and amber. Long lasting scent with a moderate sillage. Get from Amazon here

Rose D’Arabie is a lovely cool weather scent that has an amazing performance and strong notes of rose, agarwood and patchouli.

Layton is one of the most loved perfumes from Parfums De Marly. This cool weather scent has an amazing performance and it comes with strong notes of apple, vanilla and cardamom. Get from Amazon here

Tonka Imperiale is a long lasting unisex fragrance that comes with strong notes of tonka bean, almonds and tobacco. Mass appealing cool weather fragrance that has a moderate sillage.

Carlisle is a sweet & woody cool weather scent. This widely loved fragrance has an amazing performance and strong notes of nutmeg, patchouli and tonka bean. 

Italica Xerjoff is one of the best gourmands. This mass appealing scent comes with an amazing performance and strong notes of toffee, almonds and milk. Get from Amazon here

Tobacco Oud is a very popular cool weather scent that has a long lasting performance and a moderate sillage. Strongest notes include tobacco, agarwood, whiskey and spices. Get from Amazon here

Nasomatto Duro is a mass appealing mixture of leather, woods and spices that create this cool weather scent with an amazing performance. Get from Amazon here.

Neroli Portofino is a wonderful warm weather scent that has a mixture of white florals and citruses that create a moderate performance. Get from Amazon here.

Chanel Sycomore is great for Fall and Spring. Long lasting perfume that has a moderate sillage and strong notes of vetiver, juniper and cypress.

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