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Top 10 Unisex perfumes in 2021


These are the new top 10 unisex fragrances for 2021. Either men or women can wear these following popular perfumes. You’ll find sweet, fresh and very mass appealing perfumes on this list. Check out the notes of each scent below and pick your favorite! Make sure to test these unisex fragrances first since some might seem a bit too muscular for some women and some smell too sweet and feminine for some men. 

Layton is a cool weather scent with a long lasting and strong performance. This widely loved scent has strong notes of apple, vanilla and cardamom. Get from Amazon here.

Italica Xerjoff is a widely loved Winter scent with an amazing performance and strong notes of toffee, milk and almonds. Get from Amazon here.

Absolute Aphrodisiac has an amazing performance with a  gourmand scent  created from strong notes of amber, vanilla and leather.

Replica By The Fireplace is a widely loved cool weather scent with long lasting performance and moderate sillage. This cool weather scent has strong notes of chestnut, vanilla and guaiac wood. Get from Amazon here.

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a super popular cool weather scent with strong notes of saffron, amberwood and fir resin that create this strong performance. Get from Amazon here.

Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a mass appealing summer scent with a moderate performance and strong notes of grapefruit, mango, lotus and tomato. Get from Amazon here.

Manhattan is a long lasting cool weather scent with a moderate sillage and strong notes of chocolate, plum, gingerbread, honey, peach and nutmeg. Get from Amazon here.

Neroli Portofino is a great Summer scent with strong notes of african orange flower, citruses and neroli. Mass appealing scent with a moderate performance. Get from Amazon here.

Tonka Imperiale is a widely loved cool weather fragrance with strong notes of almonds, tonka bean and tobacco that create a long lasting scent with a moderate sillage.

Molecule 01 has a not of Iso E Super that can be hard for you to notice on yourself while others will definitely smell it. This simple signature scent is long lasting with a moderate sillage. Get from Amazon here.


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