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Top 10 Head turner perfumes for men 2021


These are the best top 10 head turners for men in 2021. If you wish to get noticed these following scents do the job. These are some of the most popular perfumes out there that can get you compliments. Check out the notes of each scent below and pick your favorite one. You’ll find most of these scents are sweet and spicy since these notes usually last longer and project further away but you’ll find something for the warm seasons as well.

Pegasus is a widely loved cool weather fragrance with an amazing performance and strong notes of almond, vanilla, lavender and sandalwood. Long lasting scent with a heavy sillage. Get from Amazon here.

Pure Malt is a sweet scent with a long lasting scent and quite heavy sillage. This cool weather fragrance has strong notes of malt, whiskey and fruity notes. Get from Amazon here.

Spicebomb Extreme is a spicy vanilla scent many women love. This cool weather perfume has strong notes of vanilla, tobacco and black pepper with an amazing performance. Get from Amazon here.

Light Blue Intense has strong notes of grapefruit, sea water and juniper. This popular summer scent also has a long lasting and heavy performance which is unusual for fresh fragrances. Get from Amazon here.

Thierry Mugler Pure Tonka is a heavy and long lasting perfume with strong notes of tonka bean, coffee, cacao and vanilla. Perfect for Winter. Get from Amazon here.

Italica Xerjoff is a wonderful gourmand scent made from strong notes of milk, almonds, toffee and sandalwood. This scent has one of the best performances you can find and it fits perfectly for Winter. Get from Amazon here.

Wanted By Night has a long lasting and heavy scent made from notes of cinnamon, fruity notes, incense and tobacco. This popular perfume is best worn during Fall and Winter. Get from Amazon here.

Fahrenheit is a woody leather scent for cooler seasons. This popular scent has strong notes of violet leaf, nutmeg and leather and it has a strong and long lasting performance. Get from Amazon here.


Reflection Man Amouage also has a woody scent but its mixed with white floral notes. This Spring scent has strong notes of jasmine, neroli and sandalwood with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.





 Pure XS Night is a spicy caramel scent with strong notes of caramel, myrrh, cacao and ginger. This cool weather scent has a strong and long lasting performance. Get from Amazon here.


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