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Top 10 Cool Weather Perfumes 2021


These are the top 10 cool weather fragrances for 2021. You’ll find strong and sweet scents that fit perfectly for Fall and Winter. Check the notes of each perfume below and pick your favorite.

All the scents have great performances meaning they are long lasting and project far. Not only that these scents are also widely loved and mass appealing so that mostly everyone will like them.

Angels’ Share Kilian is a long lasting unisex scent with a good sillage. This widely loved cool weather scent has strong notes of cognac, cinnamon and tonka bean.

Manhattan is yet another unisex fragrance with a long lasting performance. This widely loved scent has strong notes of agarwood, chocolate, plum, peach and gingerbread and a moderate sillage.

YSL Libre is a mass appealing lavender scent for Fall. Long lasting scent with a moderate sillage and strong notes of vanilla, orange blossom and lavender. Get from Amazon here.

Jazz Club is a unique, long lasting and widely loved cool weather scent with strong notes of tobacco, vanilla and rum. Get from Amazon here.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl is a popular scent with a great performance. This mass appealing scent has strong notes  of tonka bean, cacao and tuberose. Get from Amazon here.

Absolute Aphrodisiac is yet another unisex scent mostly women wear. This scent smells like baked goods and has strong notes of amber, vanilla and leather that create this super powerful performance.

Kayali Vanilla is a lovable cool weather fragrance with a moderate performance and strong notes of brown sugar, vanilla orchid and tonka bean.

Lira Xerjoff smells like lemon cake. This widely loved scent has an amazing performance and strong notes of blood orange, cinnamon and caramel. Get from Amazon here.

Coffee Break Replica is a mass appealing Fall fragrance with strong notes of lavender, milk and coffee that create a moderate performance. Get from Amazon here.

Vanille West Indies is simple but powerful. This lovely scent has strong notes of vanilla, caramel and orchid. Best worn in a cool weather.


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