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Perfume notes that make men more attractive


So what makes a perfume seductive or mass appealing? The notes it is made out of! These following notes are worth to keep in mind when searching for a new perfume. Overall women seem to specially love woody notes and many earth elements combined with Ambroxan. This synthetic compound Ambroxan has said to be the secret ingredient in seductive scents. It works perfectly with other earthy notes like woods, oud, leather etc. 


Lets start with spices. Many different spices are great some of the most popular would include pepper, cardamom, vanilla and cinnamon. Vanilla is not only a great note for women to wear but also men. It is a natural aphrodisiac and can lower your stress and anxiety levels. 


Next up is agarwood. Like mentioned before woody notes are usually some of the most loved and agarwood is often used in perfumes. Don’t forget other great woody notes like Cedar and Vetiver.


Yet another great earthy note is oukmoss. All these notes close to nature create a wonderful scent when combined with ambroxan. 


Oud is another very popular note amongst men’s perfumes. This is one of the easiest notes to find when searching for the perfect perfume. 


Metal. For some this might come as a surprise. Metal is not as popularly used as the other notes I’ve mentioned above but it still has earned its place on this list.


Ans last but not least a very popular note that women adore leather. Probably most used out of all these notes mentioned!


So as a last tip what perfume is like this? Is there something that has all these notes in it? Well maybe not all but there are some fragrances that have become extremely popular and women love them. 

Sauvage Dior is a scent pretty much everyone knows. What notes does it have mentioned in this list? As its top note it has black pepper, middle notes include vetiver and pink pepper and base notes have Ambroxan and Cedar wood. Quite an impressive combination! 

Another super popular perfume worth mentioning is Eros by Versace. It might start off with minty top note but the middle notes include Ambroxan and base notes are solely based on vanilla, cedar wood, oakmoss and vetiver. 


These two popular scents work as a proof of how well these notes work their magic on women!



What’s your favorite fragrance note?


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