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Perfume notes men love

So what makes a perfume seductive and mass appealing? The notes it is made out of! These following notes are worth to keep in mind when searching for a new perfume. Overall men seem to love floral scents and specially white florals but at the same time men also usually choose sweet over fresh when the perfume is worn by women. So what are the great notes so highly praised my men? 

Lets start off with some notes that you should avoid. Most seem to think that rose is not a good note in a seductive way unless it is rose oil. Powdery scents are also less seductive and green and citrusy scents since they usually fall under the fresh scent category. 

So next you’ll see some of the most loved seductive fragrance notes! Remember to read until the end since I will mention few more by the end of this list. Obviously everyone has a different taste and not everyone agrees with this list but at least it can give you a sense of what’s mass appealing among men. 

Cardamom is a great spice that fits perfectly for sweet winter scents. It can give the perfume a gourmand vibe meaning it turns it tasty!

Vanilla is extremely popular and it seems to be included in almost every scent! This gives you a sweet and soft scent that will lure men in. Vanilla is also a natural aphrodisiac and its scent can help you relax.

You see Ylang-Ylang often as a note of a perfume as well as in an essential oil bottle. This sweet scent can help you and the people around you relax.

Jasmine is a popular white floral used in perfumes and as I said earlier men love the floral notes! Check out other widely loved floral notes from the end of this list!

Another popular note category besides flowers includes sweet notes just like this one. Toffee can turn the scent creamy and tasty.

Chocolate is yet another popular note when it comes to gourmand scents. This can easily drive men crazy!

Last but not least we have peach. It’s fruity yet sweet and can work it’s magic specially with a nice sweet combination of gourmand notes. 

Some extra notes people love would definitely include Musk, Tonka Bean, Lily-of-the-valley and orange blossom. 

What’s your favorite fragrance note?

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