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Top 10 Perfumes to give as gifts for women


These perfumes are great to give as gifts since they are loved by most and have good performances. Popular scents like these are hard to dislike and whoever you’re buying them for most likely will like them. So whether you’re just trying to figure out what to buy for a friend or what scents are mass appealing enough to blind buy this is definitely the list for you. 


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Viva La Juicy Noir. Wear this scent throughout the year and enjoy the strong notes of berries, caramel, mandarin orange and vanilla. Widely loved scent with a good perfomance.

Pure Poison is at its best worn in a cool weather. It has strong notes of orange, gardenia, orange blossom, sandalwood and jasmine. Long lasting and strong scent that many love.

3 L’Imperatrice is a great warm weather scent with strong notes of kiwi, rhuburb and watermelon. Mass appealing scent with a good performance.

Girl of Now is a unique cool weather fragrance with a great performance. This lovely scent has strong notes of pistachio, almonds, tonka bean and pear.

Olympea is a popular cool weather fragrance with strong notes of vanilla, salt and jasmine. Long lasting scent with a  good sillage.

Jimmy Choo Blossom is a very mass appealing warm weather fragrance. You’ll get strong notes of raspberry, red berries and citruses with a good performance.

Armani Code is a classic and has a mass appealing scent with strong notes of orange, jasmine, orange blossom, honey and vanilla. Cool weather fragrance with a great performance.

Chanel Eau Tendre is one of many great Chanel perfumes. Who wouldn’t want Chanel as gift? This warm weather scent has strong notes of quince, grapefruit and hyacinth and a good performance.

Daisy Marc Jacobs is a popular warm weather scent with strong notes of violet leaf, strawberry and grapefruit. It also has a good performance.

Vanille West Indies has notes of vanilla, caramel and orchid. It is a strong and mass appealing cool weather fragrance many love. Get from Amazon here.


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