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Top 10 Fragrance brands I love


These are the brands I always come back to. I desire gathering more and more of their fragrances and they never let me down! My favorite brands are known to have perfumes with great performances. They consist of many long lasting scents with great sillages.




Most of these names might already be familiar to you since they are very popular. These are my personal favorites that I would recommend. As someone who loves sweet and gourmand scents as well as marine scents I definitely have found some great ones amongst these brands.



Out of these top 10 brands my ultimate favorite is Mugler and their many wonderful scents!

I have found myself liking many scents by Hermes so naturally I had to add this on the list. I love to get fresh scents from Hermes for the warmer seasons. Here are some of my favorites: Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Eau Des Merveilles Bleue Hermes, Twilly d’Hermes.

Mugler my favorite! They have many great womens and mens fragrances and they all have amazing performances. Some off my favorites include Aura, Alien, Ultra Zest, Angel Muse, Angel edt and Angel croisiere.

Guerlain is yet another great brand that offers super popular scents for men and women. Some of my favorites include l’homme ideal edp, Mon Guelain, Tonka Imperiale and Aqua Allegoria coconut fizz.

Giorgio Armani also has a great collection of popular scents  with great performances. Some that I love are called Profumo, Si Passione, Cashmere, Stronger With You and Code Absolu.

Christian Dior also has scents with amazing performances. Very popular mens and womens fragrances almost everyone love. Poison girl, Feve Delicieuse, Fahrenheit and Sauvage are some great scents from this brand.

Jean Paul Gaultier is yet another well known name with many great scents includding Scandal, La belle, Ultra male and Classique Essence.

Paco Rabanne has many older and very popular scents many love. My favorites from this brand include Invictus, Pure xs Night, Pure xs For Her and 1 million. Many great sweet scents!

Tom Ford is one of those brands that would easily get to the top 5. These scents have great performances and unique note combinations. My favorites include Eau de Soleil Blanc, Lost Cherry and Neroli Portofino.

Prada also has some unique and mass appealing scents you’ll most likely fall in love with. Try at least these: Candy Gloss, La Femme and L’Homme.

Last but not least we have Bond No.9. Tis brand has so many great scents with unique note combinations and strong performances. Some of my favorites include Manhattan, Chinatown, Greenwitch Village and Coney Island.


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