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10 Perfumes for life


These are my top 10 perfumes for life if I could choose just 10! You’ll finds scents for different seasons and events like formal events, gym, office and Christmas! Each and every one of these has a good performance which means they last long and have a good projection. Just make sure to test some before making a purchase since some are not as mass appealing as you might think! I can admit getting Decadence without testing it first and falling in love with it but that’s just me! 

Bal D’Afrique for the gym! If you like exercising and want to smell unique and fresh try this summer scent. This widely loved perfume has strong notes of lemon, Tagetes, black currant and vetiver. Good performance.

Fresh beach scent called Eay Des Merveilles Bleue. This fresh sea breeze has notes of sea, woods and patchouli. Widely loved summer scent with a good performance.

If you’re struggling to make a decision try this signature scent Guerlain by Mon Guerlain.It is good to have at least one signature scent you can wear at any time! This gentle scent has strong notes of lavender and vanilla.

Prada La Femme is a perfect clean scent for the office. Popular perfume with strong notes of frangipani, beeswax and tuberose. Wear this any time of the year and enjoy the good performance.

Angel Muse for formal events! This very sweet cocoa scent has a luxurious scent and it lasts a long time with a great projection! Seductive scent with strong notes of  hazelnut cocoa spread, patchouli and vetiver.

For a date night wear this sexy mass appealing Armani scent called Cashmere. This cool weather scent has strong notes of almonds and white florals. Long lasting and strong scent!

Eau De Soleil Blanc for tropical holidays and summer. If you like coconut note you’ll like this fresh scent. It has strong notes of white florals, citruses and coconut and a good performance.

Back to Black on the other hand is great for winter and Christmas! It has strong performance with notes of honey, tobacco, gingerbread, cherries and vanilla.


Decadence shares opinions but it’s a perfect fit for the night outs. This seductive scent has strong notes of plum, amber, vetiver and iris. Heavy with longevity for winter and fall. Get from Amazon here

Feve Delicieuse has a great sillage and longevity. It includes strong notes like vanilla, tonka bean, caramel, cherry, cacao and praline. This is a great compliment getter that men love and you should definitely wear it Fall and Winter!


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  1. Where’s YSL Rive Gauche???? I understand Tom Ford holds the original recipe. I would love to see it mainstream. Perfect scent for lingering memories…and…it drives men wild! ❤

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