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These 10 Mens Perfumes are all you need



Timeless fragrances for different occasions. These scents are popular and mass appealing with great performances. If you want to have only 10 perfumes in your perfume collection these 10 are all that you really need. Scents for each season and event. Some scents to wear all year round when you can’t decide. These fragrances are for life and I recommend each and everyone of them whether you’d like to collect them all or just have a few. 


F black is a great suit scent for the formal events. This masculine scent has notes of tonka bean, lavender and black pepper. Long lasting cool weather scent with an inoffensive sillage. Get from Amazon here.

Creed Aventus is pineapple  mixed with black currant and birch tree notes to mention few. Masculine and popular scent for any time of the year. Get from Amazon here.

Prada L’Homme is a soapy clean scent. This is specially great for a business man. Very popular and widely loved scent with strong notes of iris, amber and neroli. Long lasting warm weather scent with a gentle sillage. Get from Amazon here.

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme is fresh and clean summer scent with notes of mint, tonka bean and mandarin orange. Lovely fragrance with long lasting and strong scent. Great for a sporty guy or the gym.

Winter & Christmas scent with a spicy and sweet gourmand scent. Manhattan has strong notes of honey, gingerbread, chocolate, plum and agarwood. Long lasting and widely loved scent with a good sillage. Get from Amazon here.


Dolce & Gabbana The One is a seductive scent for a date night. This widely loved perfume has strong notes of amber, tobacco, ginger, cardamom and grapefruit. Cool weather fragrance with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.

When you want to wear a leather jacket and appear as a bad guy try CH Men Prive. This seductive scent has a boozy leather note. Other strong notes include cardamom and tonka bean. Together these notes create a long lasting cool weather fragrance with a good sillage. Get from Amazon here.

For the summer and beach we have the fresh lemon scent Light Blue Intense. This perfect warm weather scent has strong notes of citruses, sea water and juniper that create a long lasting and strong scent. Get from Amazon here.

For the night outs there is Azzaro Wanted by Night. It has strong notes of mandarin orange, cinnamon, tobacco, fruity notes and cedar wood. Heavy and long lasting cool weather fragrance many women love. Get from Amazon here.

Profumo is for a mature man for daily activities. This mass appealing versatile perfume has strong notes of incense and sea water that create a long lasting scent. This is great for summers and also project within arms length. Get from Amazon here.


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