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Top 10 Affordable Perfumes For men in 2020


Find out the best affordable scents and best dupes for 2020. There are many cheap scents that perform as well as a 200 dollar perfume and I’ve listed some of the best ones in this top 10 list. If you want to check out my favorite cheapies for women in 2020 click here. I will list the performance of each scent, the strongest notes and when to wear it. If you are not sure what your favorite notes are it’s good to test the scent first or maybe order a sample. You don’t want to end up wasting your money on something you wont like. In case you know your taste already there are some quite mass appealing and safe bling buy options in this list as well.

Lacoste blanc is a fresh warm weather fragrance with strong notes of grapefruit, cedar and ylang-ylang. Mass appealing scent with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.

Bentley for Men Intense is long lasting and heavy scent with notes like rum, black pepper, incense, leather and woody notes. Widely loved perfume that fits best for Fall and Winter. Get from Amazon here.

Encre Noire is a woody cool weather fragrance. This long lasting scent has a good sillage and notes of cypress, cashmere wood, vetiver and musk. Get from Amazon here.

Aramis 900 is a woody rose scent with a great performance. This lovable scent is a perfect fit for Spring and Fall and has strong notes of carnation, civet, oakmoss, lily of the valley and rose. Get from Amazon here.

Azzaro Pour Homme is a long lasting cool weather scent with an OK sillage. Mass appealing fragrance with strong notes of lavender, anise, oakmoss, leather and vetiver. Get from Amazon here.

VIP Men Party Fever is a fruity sweet summer scent with a great performance. You’ll get strong notes of red apple, citruses, cannabis, ginger and tonka bean. Get from Amazon here.

4711 is very similar to Neroli Portofino but with a weaker performance. It is a beautiful unisex scent with notes of citruses, oakmoss, basil and white florals to mention few. Mass appealing scent for the Summer and Spring. Get from Amazon here.

Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction is a warm weather fragrance with a good performance. This fresh perfume has strong notes of sea water, melon, bergamot, mint, cappuccino, green apple and black currant. Get from Amazon here.

Hugo Boss Iced is a green citrus scent with strong notes of tea, mint and bitter orange. Summer and Spring fragrance with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.

Ck One Summer 2020 is a salty citrus scent with strong notes of amber, salt, sage and mandarin orange. Mass appealing warm weather scent with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.


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