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Top 10 Affordable Perfumes For Women in 2020


You’ll find some great dupes and new scents released this year 2020. There are many great affordable scents that have long lasting and great performances. Dupes are similar cheaper versions of some of the popular expensive fragrances. This top 10 list contains my favorite cheap perfumes and I can only recommend these. Mass appealing scents you might even want to blind buy. 

Viva La Juicy Noir has a strong notes of berries, caramel and vanilla. This scent has one of the best performances out of all the viva la juicy perfumes. If you’ve tried Gold Couture before you’ll also notice a lot of similarity between these two. Noir just has a stronger notes of fruits. Wear this any time of the year and enjoy the moderate performance. Get from Amazon here.

Fantasy Britney Spears is a heavy and long lasting sweet scent but it’s also very generic and you smell this often. One of my first perfumes were Britney’s Midnight Fantasy but I must say Fantasy is now better in my opinion. Midnight fantasy has a strong plum note but Fantasy instead has strong notes of white chocolate, musk, kiwi and cupcake. Get from Amazon here.

Ck IN2U is a great perfume for the summer with a creamy fresh scent like a popsicle. It has strong notes of vanilla, grapefruit, bergamot and cactus that create a good performance that lasts for several hours. Get from Amazon here.

4711 is very similar to Neroli Portofino but with a weaker performance. It is a beautiful blend of citruses, oakmoss, basil and white florals to mention few. Mass appealing scent for the Summer and Spring. Get from Amazon here.

Lolita Lempicka is great for winter and specially Christmas. It starts off with licorice and start anise and turns into a sweet blend of vanilla, cherries and praline. Mass appealing sweet scent with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.

Blue Drop is similar to Light Blue. It has a fresh blend of green apple, citruses, white flowers and musk. Great perfume for summer with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.

Live Lux is a tropical sweet blend of melon, pear, peach, honeysuckle and vanilla. Aquatic summer scent with good performance. Get from Amazon here.

Pink Sugar is heavy and long lasting cool weather fragrance with strong notes of cotton candy, licorice, caramel and vanilla. It’s a great perfume for anyone who loves sweet scents. Get from Amazon here.

Loverdose Red Kiss has strong notes of cacao, hazelnuts, black currant and sugar. This is a similar scent to Armani Code Satin. Great cool weather fragrance with a heavy and long lasting scent. Get from Amazon here.

R.E.M Ariana Grande is the newest release and a bit similar to the popular Cloud. This sweet scent has strong notes of caramel, tonka bean, zefir, fig and lavender. Quite inoffensive and a safe blind buy with a good performance. If you like baccarat rouge 540 you’ll like this. Het from Amazon here.


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