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Top 10 Newly Released Unisex Perfumes in 2020


There are so many great new releases this year that I had to make a third top 10 list including the unisex fragrances. Check out the new releases for women here and for men here. This list contains popular brands like Tom Ford, Kilian and Bond No 9. I’m sure there is something for everyone whether you are a fan of fresh or sweet fragrances. 

Bitter Peach is the new release from Tom Ford. You can wear this heavy and long lasting scent all year round. It has strong notes of sandalwood, peach, blood orange and cardamom. 

Ck Everyone is citrusy and musky aquatic scent with strong notes of orange oil, tea, musk and water. This is a mass appealing summer scent with a good performance. Get from Amazon here.

My New York Bond No 9 is a spicy and woody rose scent for cooler weather. It has strong notes of sandalwood, rose, ginger and pink pepper. This widely loved scent also has an amazing performance. 

Angels’ Share by Kilian is a sweet, spicy and woody scent for Winter and Fall. It has strong notes of cinnamon, cognac, praline, vanilla and oak. You will have to look for a while to find a scent  with better performance than this. 

I Never Make the Same Mistake Twice, Unless They’re Crazy Hot. This fruity sweet scent has an excellent performance and it fits best for Summer. Some of the strongest notes include plum, pink pepper and black currant.

Villa America 220 Krigler is a herbal and citrusy aquatic scent with strong notes of lemon, blue sage and water. Great hot weather scent with a good performance.

Jasmine Leather Eau D’Italie is a mixture of leather, woody notes and florals. Great scent for the Fall with a good performance. 

Iso Gamma Super is a very gentle and fresh woody scent that you can wear alone or layer with other scents. This is a great option for anyone with a sensitive nose. Wear this any time of the year and enjoy the good performance. 

Lil Fleur by Byredo has notes of leather, rose, tangerine and vanilla to mention few. This Fall and Spring fragrance also has a great performance. 

A Chant For The Nymph by Gucci is a tropical flower scent with white and yellow florals. This long lasting heavy scent is great from Fall to Spring.


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