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Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2020


There are many great trends that have won over hearts this year. I picked the most popular and easy to follow trends you might want to try this year. You’ve most likely already noticed many of these trends and even tried some. The trends this year are very relaxed and comfortable and include many bright neon colors and darker and deeper colors like burgundy. 


Business Casual is a more comfortable version of a normal office wear. Look stylish while feeling comfortable and relaxed in these loose and trendy outfits.

Velvet has become very popular  during this year. Try a nice velvet dress in popular colors like rust or burgundy. You can wear velvet at a formal event or just on a weekday.

Tropical prints are in whether you’re going on a holiday or just staying at home. Dress up in fruit and nature prints and stand out with the colorful outfits.

Satin is another very popular material specially for the summer. Be extra trendy and dress up in white satin dress and pair it with square toed heels.

Wear your square toed heels over your pants. This unique trend idea is easy to follow and shows you know what’s in in 2020.

Mutton sleeves are once again popular. There is a huge variety of cool clothes to choose from whether it’s a two piece outfit or a dress.

Cutouts can come in many forms. This is a cool modern trend with many different possibilities.

Leather. Whether it’s a leather jumpsuit or a maxi leather jacket or just a combination of leather. Combine leather with leather in the cooler seasons. 

Slouchy boots. Very simple trend that goes with many different outfits. Combine a two piece or one piece outfit with a nice pair of these trendy boots.

Now extra long maxi coats are popular. Pick a long leather coat or a trendy trench coat. 


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