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10 Perfumes for 10 Different Personalities


This time we have a very interesting and unique list on our hands. I gathered fragrances that would best fit your personality whether your style is sporty or you consider yourself a bad girl. You’ll find scents that are unique and fit perfectly for each type of personality. This can make picking the best fitting scent for you easier while it could turn out that you personally don’t like the scent that fits you. Overall all of these scents are very mass appealing and have great performances so it’s likely you wont strongly dislike any of them. 


First we have the perfect scent for a business lady. Tiffany & co Intense has a musky yet powdery scent that lasts long while projecting gently to the people near you. Strongest notes in this are iris, musk, benzoin and cashmeran. Great for any time of the year except the hottest days of summer. Get from Amazon here.

Si Intense is a scent for bad girls that like to wear leather jackets. It’s a fruity yet woody mixture of black currant, patchouli, vanilla rose and woods. Long lasting and heavy scent for cooler seasons. Get from Amazon here.

For a party girl I thought of two options Alien and Poison Girl. Since Alien is not as mass appealing and is so widely used I ended up with Poison Girl. This scent is more unique and very sweet. This is a heavy and long lasting cool weather scent with strong notes of almonds, vanilla and Tonka bean. Get from Amazon here.

For a glamorous lady I picked a clean scent called Prada La Femme. This scent has strong notes of frangipani, tuberose, beeswax, ylang-ylang and vetiver. This scent has a good performance and it can be worn at any season. Get from Amazon here.

Mon Guerlain by Guerlain is a great wife scent. It’s a very classy feminine scent with notes of vanilla, lavender, iris and sandalwood. This perfume can be worn throughout the year while it’s not too overpowering and lasts a while. Get from Amazon here.

La Belle is a perfect college girl scent. It has strong notes of pear, vanilla and vetiver. This almost aquatic and sweet scent is a perfect fit for younger women. It has a very long lasting scent with great projection that will turn heads. Best for cool weather. Get from Amazon here.

For bold man eaters out there we have Decadence. This scent causes people to either fall in love with it or hate it. It has a unique note combination of plum, iris, vetiver, amber and saffron to mention few. Great for winter and fall with and amazing performance. Get from Amazon here.

For a smart and nerdy girl we have Molecule 01. It’s a very unique clean scent that many people love. As what comes to the notes you’ll have Iso E super. Long lasting signature scent with good sillage. 

For a sporty girl we have Light Blue Intense. It’s a fresh and very long lasting citrus scent. This summer scent has notes like apple, lemon, musk and amberwood to mention few. Get from Amazon here.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl for a city chick. This mass appealing popular scent has notes like cacao, tuberose, tonka bean, coffee and almonds. Great cool weather sent with longevity and good sillage. Get from Amazon here.


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