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Top 10 Teenager perfumes for boys


Great back to school scents with longevity and good projection. These youthful, fresh and sweet scents are a perfect fit for teenagers. Some scents for the club, some for school and some fitting for basically anything. Get girls attention and make sure that you don’t waste your money on a bad perfumes that won’t last longer than a minute. Even though this list is specifically for teenagers some of these scents fit any age. If you’re under 30 I think you’ll love most of them and they fit you well.

You’ll find a variety of scents so it shouldn’t be an issue to find something you like whether it’s fresh and aquatic or sweet and fruity. There is something for all! We will start  this list off with one all time favorite that women love.

Invictus aqua is a fresh yet sweet scent with a good sillage and great longevity. This summer scent is a safe choice women adore and it has strong notes sea water, citruses and violet leaf to mention few.


Acqua di gio Absolu is a fresh summer scent with strong notes of sea,  woods, tonka bean and bergamot. Great longevity and good sillage.

Black Leather by Mercedes-benz is a smoky leather scent with strong notes of amber, suede, leather and incense. It’s a cool weather fragrance with a good performance.

Versace Eros is the party fragrance of all time. It has strong projection and long lasting scent. This could pass as a signature scent as well. Strong notes of mint, apple, tonka bean and vanilla dominate in this perfume.

Y Eau de Parfume is a fruity yet spicy scent for warmer weather. This long lasting and strong perfume has notes of apple, ginger, bergamot and sage to mention few.

Ultra Zest is a sweet citrus scent that reminds of a popsicle. This summer scent has longevity and a good sillage while notes like blood orange, patchouli, vanilla and coffee dominate it.

Ultra Male is a sweet and strong cool weather fragrance with notes like cinnamon, vanilla and pear. Widely loved scent but for some too sweet.

Dylan Blue is a good choice for any season. It has average performance and strong notes of ambroxan, citruses, water and incense. Great mass appealing option with affordable price.

Aqva Marine is a like a fresh summer breeze with strong citruses and aquatic notes. Mass appealing scent with good performance.

Jaguar Pace is a soapy scent with strong notes of rosemary, iris, black pepper, lavender, green apple and patchouli. Great warm weather fragrance with an OK performance.


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