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Top 10 Addictive Perfumes For Women


These top 10 addictive scents are popular scents widely loved by men. There are different fragrances for everyone and any season. If you wish to catch attention of others and have a safe and mass appealing perfume you can rest assure the following scents are just that. 

Flower Bomb is a sweet flower scents with and excellent performance. Many people fall in love with this addictive scent. Almost candy like scent makes this a perfect choice for colder seasons. Get from Amazon here.

Parfums de  Marly Delina is another widely loved scent. This is a strong fruity floral scent with couple strong notes like litchi and rose. This warm weather scent also has an amazing performance. Get from Amazon here.

Dior Poison Girl is a really safe choice. This scent fits perfectly for younger women. It has strong notes of almonds and vanilla. This is a very sweet winter & fall fragrance with great performance. Get from Amazon here.

Narciso Rodriguez edp is a powdery and musky rose scent. This scent will catch the attention of men and it also has a good performance. Great scent for any season. Get from Amazon here.

Feve Delicieuse is super mass appealing sweet scent with notes like cacao, vanilla, tonka bean, cherry, caramel and milk to mention few. This cool weather fragrance also has an amazing performancce.

Light Blue Intense is a fresh and very long lasting citrus scent. This summer scent has notes like apple, lemon, musk and amberwood to mention few. Get from Amazon here.

Pure Poison is a white floral scent with an amazing performance. This signature scent also has citrusy and woody notes and has a little bit of sweetness. Get from Amazon here.

Coco Mademoiselle is a super popular perfume that can also be worn all year round. This very long lasting scent has strong citrusy notes, patchouli, woody and floral notes. Get from Amazon here.

Girl of Now has a some fruity sweetness mixed with nuts. It is not too sweet and it has a good performance. Specially great in colder seasons. Get from Amazon here.

Mon Guerlain can be worn throughout the year and it is not too overpowering while lasts a while on your skin. It has notes like vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and iris. Great scent for a date night! Get from Amazon here.


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