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Top 10 Blind Buy Worthy Perfumes for men

Now when many of us are spending our time in isolation it’s obvious that more people lean on online shopping. It’s safer to try a scent before buying but there are some quite safe options out there that are mass appealing and loved by most of the people. I’ve listed some of the most popular and loved fragrances including some fresh, spicy and sweet options. You’ll be able to find a perfume for each season of the year and there are some great clubbing, office and signature scents listed as well. 

Couple sprays of perfume can make a big difference in how others see you. It has been proven that you can even appear more attractive if you smell good! But at the same time a bad fragrance can affect negatively. So if you are interested more in this topic make sure to check out my other posts about fragrances. Also make sure to check out how to make perfume last longer here

Pada l’Homme is a fresh and clean scent. Great fragrance for daytime, office and summer. This lovely scent has powdery iris note mixed with strong notes like cedar wood and florals. Get from Amazon here.

Floriental is a winter & fall scent that has smoky and woody notes mixed with a sweet plum. Long lasting perfume while not being too overpowering. 

Light Blue Intense is a great summer scent with strong notes like citruses, sea water and juniper. Very mass appealing scent with a great performance. I would almost liked to say this is the best choice for summer! Get from Amazon here.

Versace Eros is extremely popular and for a reason. It’s mass appealing and it has an amazing performance. You’ll get strong notes like mint, vanilla and green apple with this seductive fragrance. Great scent all year round. Get from Amazon here.

Parfums de Marly Pegasus is more on the expensive side. It is a very long lasting and heavy scent that fits for the cooler seasons. It has some strong notes like almond, vanilla and lavender. Great compliment getter. Get it from Amazon here.

Ultra Male is a sweet and long lasting scent with notes like vanilla, apple and cinnamon to mention few. Even thought some women say they would wear this I personally think it’s still too masculine even thought it is quite sweet. This heavy scent can turn heads in the club or while wearing on winter & fall. Get from Amazon here.

Cool Water is yet another summer fragrance. It’s simple and affordable with notes like sea water, lavender, mint and green notes. You’ll also get an OK performance. Get from Amazon here.

MontBlanc Individuel is a mass appealing and sweet fruity scent mixed with spicy notes. This cool weather scent has strong notes like raspberry, vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, sandalwood, pineapple and dark chocolate. Great long lasting scent with an OK sillage. Get from Amazon here.

Dior Sauvage is another very popular scent that most women love. This is one of the best signature scents out there. It has some spicy and fresh notes like citruses, peppers and woody notes and it also has an amazing performance. Get from Amazon here.

Bleu de Chanel is yet another all year round scent. Notes like ginger, citruses, mint, incense and woods create a long lasting and mass appealing fresh scent. It’s not too heavy while it still lasts long and it fits for the warm weather. Get from Amazon here.

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