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Top 10 Gym Perfumes for women


This list contains fresh, fruity and aquatic scents that will fit perfectly for the gym. All of the following aren’t super long lasting but should survive through a gym session nicely. I picked the most loved and popular scents and couple unisex fragrances that you might also find from the gym scent post for men. In case you want to check out that post as well go ahead and click this link that will take you there.

Just like music a nice scent can make you feel better and confident while you workout and it’s obviously nice to smell pleasant while working out in  public. I will be giving you some information of each perfume like what notes they have and when to wear them. Lets get started!

Twilly d’Hermes is a modern white floral fragrance with a strong tuberose, ginger and fruity notes. Very mass appealing gentle scent that is a perfect fit for Fall and Spring. 

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is extremely popular with an awesome performance. It is fresh and clean signature scent with notes like rose, woods and citruses. 

Light Blue Intense is a summery fresh scent with citruses. Very long lasting and even seductive as some say. Great for a day out of gym! This can catch others attention as you pass by. 

I was about to put ck one to this list that’s also found on my recommended gym scents for men but then I thought I’ll pick something more unique so here it is CK 2. It has some unique notes like pebbles, violet leaf, wasabi and vetiver that create this aquatic scent as if you were walking by the beach. Great summer scent with an OK performance. 

Molecule 01 is a clean and mass appealing gentle scent with good longevity. This airy scent has been said to smell woody, musky and a bit like amber. Widely loved summer scent that fits perfectly for the gym. 

Chanel Eau Fraiche is a lemony cedar wood scent. This summer scent has a good performance while it is loved by many men and women. Some even say this is their favorite out of all Chanel perfumes. 

Bal d’Afrique is one of my favorites and also the most expensive perfume on this list. It’s a woody citrus scent  with florals like Tagetes. Good performance and a perfect fit for Summer and Spring. 

Teazzurra Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain. This is a sweet citrusy tea scent. Yep, you heard me right. It smells like tea but it also can last up to 6 hours on your skin. Nice mass appealing scent for summer. 

Hugo Boss The Scent has nice peach and floral notes. It has an OK performance while it is a perfect fit for Spring. 

Moschino Toy 2 is a sweeter and creamier scent. This soft fragrance has fruity and floral notes mixed with some fresh notes like citruses. Some of the strongest notes in this summer scent include musk and green apple. This scent stays close to skin and lasts about 3 hours. 


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