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How to make a perfume last longer Top 10 Tricks

Obviously the longer your perfume lasts the more you’ll save and no one wants to feel like they constantly have to spray more. There are several good and easy tips and tricks that can help but it is also obvious that the better performance a fragrance has the longer it lasts. So before you buy make sure to test the scent and take time how long it lasts on your skin. There are many scents with similar notes and if you  rush the purchase you might end up getting a scent that is a lot weaker than another one with a similar scent. I can also only recommend for you to go and check out the site fragrantica since you’ll find many great reviews that help you to choose a long lasting perfume. 

Before I will be listing some long lasting scents and giving out my tips I want to explain why I see perfumes as an important part of a beauty routine. Perfumes have been used for centuries and there has been studies to prove that by simply spraying perfume you can make yourself appear more attractive to others. I’ve heard myself several time how a woman has described that the moment she smelled a mans perfume he immediately became more attractive. Perfumes are also a great way to catch attention. I myself remember sitting in a bus as someone passed leaving a trace of a sweet scent that literally made me turn to look who it was. 

There are several notes that have said to cause different types of reactions in others. Ambroxan that is used in many popular men’s fragrances has been said to come across as very seductive. In the other hand if women’s fragrance has some spicy-floral notes it can make you appear slimmer! If you wish to feel more confident then citrus notes can help you as they have a power to uplift your mood.

Some long lasting womens perfumes that I really like include Angel muse and light blue intense. Angel Muse is a sweet scent for colder seasons and light blue intense fits perfectly for summer time. What comes to men’s fragraces I love the classics: Versace Eros and Dior Sauvage EDT. Both are very long lasting and noticeable and both have that intriguing Ambroxan note. But I won’t make you wait any longer. Here are my top 10 tricks that can increase the longevity of your fragrance. 

1. Spray your perfume after shower. It has been found that you can increase the longevity greatly if you spray after washing your skin when it’s pure and moist. 

2. Pick the Eau de Parfum instead of the Eau de Toilette. There are some Toilette scents that are strong like Dior Sauvage but in case you want a very long lasting scent you have a better chance with EDP. 

3. Use lotion to moisturise your skin before adding the perfume. Many times perfumes come with a lotion and it is good to use it with the fragrance. Even better if you also have a shower gel. This will definitely help the scent stay on your skin for longer and your skin will be very well moisturised to help the scent perform better.

4. Over spray. You obviously shouldn’t use this trick if your perfume already is strong and long lasting. Use this trick only on perfumes with weak performance. Normally I use 5-6 sprays so over spraying would go over that. 

5. Apply perfume to the right spots. Great spots include areas with a lot of blood flow like behind each ear. It’s also a good idea to spray around the neck area because then others can notice the scent faster specially when giving you a hug. 

6. Pick a perfume with a strong performance. Many times fragrances with more oils have a better performance and you can find other people’s reviews online in what scents last the longest. 

7. Carry a travel spray with you. Quite obvious trick and not the best since you’ll have to be spraying yourself often.

8. Spray it in your clothes. Usually it is best to spray on your skin so that the perfume mixes with the natural oils of your skin. However perfumes usually last extremely long on clothes and I noticed the Light Blue Intense in my clothes were still very strong even the next day.

9. Pick a sweet perfume. It is just a fact that fresh scents usually struggle to last long so if you want to make sure your perfume will last as long as possible pick the sweet over the fresh option.

10. Last but not least do NOT rub your fragrance in. Many of us have this habit but you only end up destroying the scent and decreasing the longevity. So instead of spraying in your other arm and rubbing it into the next one rather spray both arms separately. 


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