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Top 10 Classy perfumes for women

Classy scents are a perfect fit for weddings or when going to see ballet or opera. Maybe you just want to smell classy no matter where you’re going? A popular note in classy scents is definitely rose. Rose many times makes the perfume appear expensive and high end. You’ll find that there are several Chanel and Guerlain perfumes and some less familiar fragrances on this list and I recommend you try before you buy. To me personally Angel Muse smells sophisticated and I like to use it as my classy scent for the winter time. But everyone has their own preferences and this is why you shouldn’t blind buy specially when you are looking for something as specific as this. This matters even more if you came here to  find a perfect scent for your wedding. You don’t want to end up wasting your money or using a scent that is not what you were looking for your special day. Make sure to also check out the classy scent for men here.

Without further ado lets start with my personal favorite that also belongs to my top 5 perfumes of all time. 


Angel Muse is a strong chocolate fragrance for winter time. It has a widely loved sophisticated scent that lasts for a very long time. Many times you’ll still pick the scent the next day on your clothes. Some of the strongest notes you’ll notice are patchouli, hazelnut cocoa spread and vetiver. It definitely has a strong sugary sweet chocolate scent mixed with a hint of wood and nuts.

J’Ador L’Or is more intense than the original. This scent has strong notes of vanille, amber, tonka bean, jasmine and rose. It is mass appealing and long lasting scent that fits for the colder days of the year. Great scent for mature women. 

Amouage Honour is a white flower bomb. It’s a pretty and long lasting scent that screams femininity. This likeable scent fits specially for spring and summer. 

Coco Chanel EDP is a popular yet unique scent for colder seasons. It has strong notes of amber, rose and spices. This powdery scent is mass appealing and long lasting and it radiates strongly. 

Dior Addict EDP is yet another great scent for winter and fall. This intriguing scent has some unique flower notes with sweet vanilla and mandarin orange. Widely loved fragrance with great performance.

Mon Guerlain is simply beautiful. This perfume can be worn throughout the year and it is not too overpowering while lasts a while on your skin. It has notes like vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and iris. 

Ambre Nuit is a unisex fragrance. It has a luxurious scent with strong rose and amber notes. This mass appealing scent has a great performance and it fits perfectly for colder days of the year.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is extremely popular but it is still one of the greatest scents out there. It is fresh and it has a great performance. make it a signature scent and enjoy the strong notes like patchouli, citruses, woods and florals.

Quelques Fleurs in my opinion is definitely one of the best options for a wedding. It’s a powdery floral scent with some green and woody notes. Mass appealing scent with a good performance that fits for summer and spring.

L’instant de Guerlain is a sweet flower bomb. It has notes like iris, vanilla and honey that dominate over other notes. Great long lasting scent for winter, fall and even spring.


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