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Top 10 Classy perfumes for men


Is there a formal event coming up and you don’t know what perfumes fit such an event? If you want to wear something really classy and catch peoples attention you might want to give a try to these following scents. Some are a bit sweeter and stronger while others are more delicate and fresh. You can pick sweeter scents for cold seasons and fresh for summer and spring. Some scents like Creed Aventus could be worn at any time of the year. 

It is good to get a sample before making a purchase because no matter how well you know the notes and read reviews the scent could come across very differently to you. I have made many blind buys and there has been couple times I got disappointed because to me the scent was nothing like others described. If you are planning on getting a more expensive scent like some on this list then I can only recommend to get a sample first! 

Sacred Wood by Kilian. This is a high class sandalwood scent with strong milk and sandalwood notes. It is masculine, very long lasting and it projects far! Great unisex scent for winter that I would recommend for men. 

Pure Malt is a fruity and sweet scent with an interesting earthy notes and a whiskey note. It smells classy and it fits perfectly for winter time. Long lasting scent while not being too overpowering. 

Reflection Man Amouage is highly praised scent. It has strong white floral notes and woody notes that create a heavy and long lasting scent that most women love. Wear any time of the year. 

Prada l’Homme is a fresh office scent that you could see as a classy scent. It has a powdery iris note, florals and woody notes. Not too heavy while lasting a long time. Wear in warmer days of the year.

Tom Ford f****** fabulous has strong almond and leather notes. It is a sweet yet aromatic scent that some love and some hate. Great long lasting scent for colder days of the year.

Ambre Nuit is yet another unisex fragrance. It has a luxurious scent with strong rose and amber notes. This mass appealing scent is long lasting and fits best for colder days of the year. 

Layton has spicy, fruity and woody notes. It is a scent for any time of the year and it will last long while radiating withing 6 feet. This is widely loved mass appealing scent with strong notes of vanilla, cardamom and apple.

Creed Aventus is a perfect combination of woody notes and fruity notes like pineapple for instance. Widely loved long lasting fragrance that you could wear any time of the year. 

Dior Homme Parfum is said to be a great scent for formal events. It is heavy and long lasting widely loved scent with notes like iris, leather, rose and woody notes. Great scent for colder times of the year.

Bleu De Chanel is a fresh scent with strong notes of grapefruit, incense and amber. Widely loved fragrance that is great for warmer days of the year. 


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