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Top 10 personal favorite perfumes for women


I have always liked sweet perfumes over fresh ones so you can expect to find many sweet scents on this list. I will start the list with my two ultimate favorites and the rest are in random order. I will be describing the scents to you and linking the products in the description in case you are interested in getting some yourself. This list contains scents for day time, night time, winter and summer. I will continue creating my personal favorites lists every year so make sure to stay updated! 

Angel Muse is a strong cocoa fragrance for winter time. It has a widely loved sophisticated scent that lasts very long. Some of the strongest notes you’ll notice are patchouli, hazelnut cocoa spread and vetiver. Get from Amazon here.

Armani code Cashmere is yet another winter fragrance. It has sweet almond notes and florals that create a long lasting and widely loved scent. Get from Amazon here.

Aura is a strong scent with notes like bitter rhubarb, green notes and vanilla. It is sweet and sour yet has unique green and woody notes that reminds me of forest. Some love it, some hate it so make sure to test it first! Get it from Amazon here.

Alien just like Aura is very strong but fresher and has only couple notes like amber, woods and jasmine. This is one of the most popular clubbing fragrances and men either hate or love it. Get it from Amazon here.

La Nuit Tresor is widely loved and extremely sweet fragrance. It has notes like caramel, litchi, praline, vanilla and strawberry to mention few. It also has incense which makes it more mature. Great scent for night time and  colder days of the year. Get from Amazon here.

Midnight Fantasy is a more affordable option and one of the first perfumes I owned. It is long lasting and strong and has a sweet note combination of plum, cherry, iris, vanilla and orchid to mention few. Get this mass appealing signature scent from Amazon here.

Croisiere is a tropical and sweet summer scent that men and women love. It has mango, grapefruit, sorbet, patchouli, praline and black currant notes. 

Mon Guerlain is simply beautiful. This perfume can be worn throughout the year and it is not too overpowering while lasts a while on your skin. It has notes like vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and iris. Get from Amazon here.

Cacharel Yes I Am would definitely be my favorite if it was stronger. It does not project too far but it does smell divine. This extremely sweet scent has notes like raspberry, milk and caramel that create a scent that reminds me of a milkshake. Get from Amazon here.

Good Girl is a perfect combination of fresh and sweet. It has cacao, tuberose, almond and coffee notes that create a long lasting scent that specially men love. Get this mass appealing perfume from Amazon here.


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