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Top 10 Gourmand perfumes for men


Gourmand scents are tasty and have some edible notes in them like vanilla, praline, mint and chocolate. They are usually sweet and long lasting scents that women love. I have gathered some of the most unique and loved perfumes with great performances. By looking at the notes it can sometimes be hard to realise it’s a gourmand scent. Many times surprising combinations of notes end up creating a tasty scent that reminds of different foods. Take for example Absolute Aphrodisiac with notes like castoreum, vanilla, amber, leather, musk and white flowers. This scent has said to smell like strawberry shortcake or cookies.

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo has said to smell like tiramisu. It’s a very sweet perfume with some strong notes like tonka bean, sweet notes, ambroxan and cardamom. Unique scent with great performance. Get it from Amazon here.

Kilian Back to Black has a huge variation of different notes like honey, tobacco, cherry, almond and gingerbread to mention few. Very long lasting unisex scent.

Ultra Zest is a unique summer scent. It has notes like vanilla and citruses that create this mass appealing perfume many love. 

Vanille West Indies is one of the best vanilla scents with simple notes like vanilla, caramel and orchid. Very mass appealing, long lasting and strong scent. 

Tom Ford Noir Extreme has a very classy high end scent. It has a unique note combination with kulfi, vanilla, cardamom, nutmeg and amber to mention few. Sweet and long lasting perfume while not being too overpowering. Get it from Amazon here.

Kryptomint can be describe easily. It smells like After Eight mint chocolates. It is widely loved and fits perfectly for warmer days of the year. 

Pure xs Night is perfect for winter and fall. This spicy fragrance has sweet notes like vanilla, caramel and cacao that create a long lasting and powerful scent. Get from Amazon here.

Ultra Male is a popular clubbing fragrance with unique note combination of pear, vanilla and cinnamon. It has a powerful scent that fits perfectly for colder days of the year. Get it from Amazon here.

Armani Code Absolu is yet another very powerful scent with notes like vanilla, suede, nutmeg and tonka bean. Great fragrance for winter. Get it from Amazon here.

Absolute Aphrodisiac is a unisex fragrance with a very unique and powerful scent. It has said to smell like different kinds of baked goods with strawberry favour and many men and women love it. 


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