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Top 10 Gourmand perfumes for women


Gourmand scents are usually long lasting and sweet perfumes. These tasty scents make men and women go crazy with notes like cocoa, caramel, vanilla, almond and praline. I gathered some of the most unique tasty fragrances that have good performances and all you need to do is check the notes and pick your favorite! We are starting off this top 10 list with one of my husbands favorite scents on me. It is also one of my favorites during cold seasons. 

Armani Code Cashmere is a sweet scent for winter and fall. It has a nice floral opening of heliotrope, orange blossom and Jasmine sambac that turns into a very sweet almond scent. Long lasting scent that men absolutely love. Get it from Amazon here.

Angel Muse is a great scent for winter. It’s very strong and smells like woods, chocolate and nuts. This long lasting cocoa fragrance is loved by men and women alike. Get it from Amazon here.

Feve Delicieuse is a sweet perfume with a great sillage. It has notes like vanilla, tonka bean, caramel, cherry, cacao and praline. This is a great compliment getter that men and women love. 

Hugo Boss Private Accord For Her is a tasty scent for an intimate date night. It lasts about 3 hours and stays very close to skin. This intriguing scent smells like cacao, citruses and coffee. Get it from Amazon here.

Elie Saab Girl of Now is yet another nutty scent with a unique pistachio note. It mostly smells like sweet almonds and fruits and it has a good longevity. Get it from Amazon here.

Tonka Imperiale is unique sweetness. It has strong notes like Tonka Bean, incense, almond, tobacco and cedar wood. 

Kilian Back to Black is a unisex fragrance that is mostly worn by men. It has a unique mixture of notes like honey, tobacco, cherry, vanilla, raspberry, almond and gingerbread to mention few. 

Gold Couture is definitely one of mens favorites. It’s a sweet caramel scent with fruity notes but sadly it doesn’t last too long. Great for a date night. 

Yes I Am Cacharel is yet another sweet perfume with a mediocre performance. It smells like a sweet raspberry milkshake but be careful since for some this is a bit too sweet. Get it from Amazon here.


Amouage Sunshine is a unique scent with floral, fruity and sweet notes. It has Osmanthus, almond, vanilla and black currant to mention few and it’s great for summer and spring. Get it from Amazon here.


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