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Modesty 101 | Top 10 Modest Outfits

You can embrace your femininity while not showing off  too much skin. What is too much? Basic rules for modest dressing are to cover from knees all the way up to shoulders like seen in the picture above. Have you noticed how royals dress? they never show too much skin but they look amazing. It’s also good to realise that very tight clothes can show too much. For instance skinny jeans and yoga pants that are very popular are usually extremely tight and considered sexy. If I myself am wearing jeans I like to wrap a shirt around my waist to get more covering. We are not to expect all people to follow same rules as us, only Christians. (Romans 12:2, 1 Peter 5:5) Even then I do not think many christian women realise what is modest and what not since this world has been pushing lies in that area for so long. All that matters as a Christian is that you have pure conscious in this area and you want to be modest or learn to be modest. I am not here to judge but to guide my sister in Christ. We all make mistakes and we need to stay merciful and guide if we see our sisters in Christ going astray. (Galatians 6:1)

It’s obvious that when a girl who is used to dressing like one of the guys starts wearing feminine clothes people will notice. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing and you can tell your friends about this journey you are in so that they know what to expect when you rock up looking like a different person. Many factors can affect how we dress. Maybe you are the only girl in your family or maybe that’s how your friends dress like. What ever brought you here I assure you the following outfits are modest while embracing your femininity. As a christian I know the struggles you can face trying to find nice outfits that are also modest! It is great how we can see how the royals dress and take some fashion advise from them.

Modest dressing viewed in a negative light (when it's the opposite)

Most of the time social media tries to push a negative view on modest dressing and traditional roles. This world embraces women to dress sexy and call that empowering and when the topic about modesty comes up many women get angry. I believe this reaction is a result of  media pushing this false narrative about modesty. The truth is that as christian women we are part of Gods Kingdom, bible even tells us how one day some of us shall rule with Christ. So it’s not far from the truth that we are like royals. Just like royals we should represent our kingdom (Gods kingdom) by bringing honor to God. After I realised this I started seeing modesty in a different light. Instead of thinking that your body is worth showing for, think about how holy and precious your body is. It is the holy temple of the Holy Spirit. So because it is that precious we do not let everyone see it the way a special worthy person can see it. This would be the husband that appreciates you, husband that is ready to wait until marriage to even see your body. Not every guy is willing to wait until marriage because they do not know how precious your body is. So why would you let every stranger enjoy seeing your body when they are not even appreciating it? 

So the truth is the opposite of what media tells us. Modesty is a way of showing how much you appreciate your precious body. You know your worth when you look what Jesus did for you on the cross. Son of God gave His life for you. That’s how precious you are. Modesty is not meant to be a bad thing for women, it is meant to teach you how you are more worthy that gold and jewels. I hope this has give you a new way of viewing this issue many christian women struggle with. 


10 Outfits all year round


I love colors yellow, pink, blue, purple and mint. But I know not everyone likes to dress colorfully so later on I will be creating more posts with colorful outfit ideas. This is the first outfit post where we have mass appealing clothes for different purposes. If you wish to get more into minimalistic lifestyle these outfits could be all you need for the rest for your life. I’m sure there are some outfits that you might need that are not in this list cause there are many hobbies and different jobs that require different outfits. But I hope this list will at least help you get started. I have made a goal for myself to own only about 10 outfits to make my life easier. I even remember meeting a pastor who says he wears the same outfit every day kinda like Donald Duck. I used to go shopping all the time and buy clothes that I didn’t end up wearing and this way I can save a lot of money and find my style that people can remember me of. So without further  ado lets see what I found for you girls!

For hot summer days you could have a floral or polka dot dress that are usually considered very feminine. You don’t have to be afraid of getting too hot wearing this. Perfect for summer. Get the items from Amazon: hatearringsshoesdress

You will also need something formal. This dress is great for office and other formal events. These golden earrings fit perfectly with the dress that has golden buttons. Get the items from Amazon: shoesearringsdress.

In case you prefer suits here you go! Suits can be considered feminine as well. There are many outfits with pants that are feminine and choosing colourful outfits is one way to deal with them. Get these items from Amazon: pink outfitblue outfitshoes.


When you just want to relax at home I got a perfect outfit for you! This is cozy and warm and very comfortable. Get yours from Amazon here.

You’ll also need some workout clothes no doubt. On the right we see a nice outfit specially if you like going jogging and on the left we see a great gym outfit. Both of these options are modest and they come in different colors. Get the outfit on the right from Amazon here and outfit on the left from here.

How often do you go to beach? As a person who lives in Australia I love going to the beach and of course you also need a suitable beach dress! Both of these are cute and use thin materials so that you won’t be getting too hot. You can also find the dress on the left with different patterns. My favorite was this cherry one. Get it from Amazon here. You can also get the nude sandalshat and white dress from Amazon. 

It can be hard to find a modest swimsuit but not impossible. Swimming is no exception to the rules of modest dressing. Here are just some examples I came across in Amazon. Get these from Amazon: yellow swimwearpink swimwearblack swimwear. 

So next up we have several dresses cause I thought these are all amazing. I wanted one category to be a dress that you can wear anywhere at any time. Maybe you wear it most of the week when you only go out when buying groceries. My personal favourite is the polka dot and the white dresses since white is my color! Get the items from Amazon: Black dress on the left herepolka dot dresswhite dress on top, second row white dress, second row black dress

Many people have their special outfit just for church. It can be a bit fancier and you can match it with your church hat! Get these items from Amazon: dress, shoeshatearrings

I understand that winter can be very cold in some countries and wearing a dress just wouldn’t work but in case you live somewhere like me, winter is not cold at all and a warm dress is all you need. These three options caught my eye and you could wear a nice long jacket on top when it gets very cold outside. Get these items from Amazon: black dressturtle neck dressdress on the right

If you like skirts over dresses then maybe try this outfit. Get items from Amazon: scrunchieshoesearringsskirttop.


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