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Newly released perfumes for women in 2020


So we are pretty much half way through the year 2020 and there has been some great new perfume releases for women that I recommend you try. Brands like Lancome, Dolce & Gabbana, Cacharel and Yves Saint Laurent are few of those to release a new scent this year. All these following perfumes are long lasting and definitely different from the original releases. We start this list with one very exciting new release that could become the new most favorite perfume from the Black Opium line. 

Black Opium Neon is a fruity and sweet scent with pitaya, coffee and orange blossom notes. It lasts for some hours and could be worn any time of the year.

CK Everyone is a very safe choice and a fresh scent. This unisex perfume has watery notes, orange oil, tea and musk as some of the strongest notes and it’s very mass appealing.

La Vie Est Belle Intensement has switched the original praline note to raspberry. This one is a fruity, powdery and long lasting scent with sweetness from vanilla. Get it from Amazon here.

The Only One Intense is nothing like the original. This perfume has no coffee, no caramel but instead white florals, coconut, woody notes, citrusy notes and vanilla. This intense and sweet fragrance is long lasting and you’ll get the coconut note very strong in this. Get it from Amazon here.

Armani Si Passione Intense is definitely a different scent from the original passione. It’s a fruity, powdery and musky scent and a fresher version of the original. Great scent for spring. Get it from Amazon here.

I never make the same mistake twice unless they’re crazy hot by Kilian is a very interesting and unique unisex fragrance. This winter fragrance is a mixture of woody notes, vanilla, rose, patchouli, pepper and fruit notes. Some of the strongest notes are plum and black currant that create this intense and high end smelling scent. 

La Nuit Tresor Nude Eau De Toilette is a long lasting mixture of coconut, vanilla and rose notes. It’s a soft and safe choice to wear basically anywhere. If you love coconut fragrances you must try this.

Alien Mirage has a long lasting and strong scent that is created from floral notes, woody notes and unique mineral notes. Some of the strong notes are lotus flower and amber. Overall this is a fresh and soft scent for summer and spring.

Cacharel Yes I Am Fabulous is a great night time fragrance. It has a unique scent with notes of blackberry, milk, heliotrope and hazelnut. It’s a quite strong scent and easy to take with you when going out so that you can apply more after couple hours when the scent starts fading away. Out of all the Yes I Am perfumes this also has the strongest milky note. 

Eau Croisiere 2020 is a less sweeter version of last years Eau Croisiere. This one has notes of fig, praline, vanilla and patchouli that create a long lasting and strong perfume. It is a great scent for summer and spring and it’s definitely a day time fragrance. I also think it’s great for younger women. 


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