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Top 10 Perfumes women love on men


This top 10 list is not only based on my own opinion because most of women love these following fragrances. These are mass appealing, long lasting and unique scents. By doing some research you would easily find how many women adore the following perfumes. They are all nice and even thought some are more appealing to others it doesn’t make the rest bad. With these ones you can’t go wrong. You only need to pick one you like the most. There is a variety of sweet and fresh scents. Some are better for summer and some for winter. Wearing a perfume can make you appear more attractive to women and for example a grapefruit note can make you feel more confident so it is no wonder women  adore perfumes. The following perfumes are all good in their own way and I will be listing some of the top notes in them so it will be easier for you to find the best fit for you. 

Pegasus is one of the best perfumes from Parfums de Marly. It has some strong notes of almond, vanilla and lavender that create a very good long lasting performance. Great fragrance for colder days of the year. Get it from Amazon here. 

Aqua Di Gio Profumo is widely loved long lasting scent with strong sea notes and incense. It’s great for basically any time of the year and any time of the day. Get it from Amazon here. 

Versace Eros is the classic clubbing fragrance. It’s a loud and long lasting scent with wonderful notes of mint, vanilla, tonka bean and apple. It is perfect for any time of the year and yes, women still love it. Just keep in mind how popular this fragrance is. Get it from Amazon here.


If you are new in the fragrance world and don’t really know which one to choose try The One by D&G. The One lasts many hours while not being too strong. It has notes of amber, tobacco, spices and grapefruit. It would be very hard to find anyone who dislikes this scent. Perfect fit for the colder days of the year. Get it from Amazon here.

Spice Bomb Extreme causes two different types of reactions. For some women it’s an OK scent and others will fall in love with it. It’s a spicy vanilla scent with a strong tobacco note. This scent is perfect for winter and one of many peoples favourite fragrances. Get it from Amazon here.

La Nuit De l’homme is great for close encounters. It’s an aromatic, spicy and woody mixture. This great fall & winter fragrance has a very strong cardamom and lavender note to it. Loved by many women around the world. Get it from Amazon here. 

Layton is a unique scent you’ll be remembered from. It has strong apple, cardamom and vanilla notes to it. This spicy and woody scent is great for winter, fall and spring. Safe choice since basically every woman loves this divine scent. Get it from Amazon here.

Prada l’homme is a great fresh scent. It also has a very strong powdery iris note, amber, florals and woody notes. Great for warmer days of the year and great compliment getter. Get it from Amazon here.

Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette is a spicy and fresh scent with strong lavender and woody notes. Great fragrance all year round and extremely safe choice that most women love. Just remember that it’s super common nowadays and you might end up smelling like most of the people. Get it from Amazon here.

And finally the amazing Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. This is a sweet scent with a strong pear note. This mixture of vanilla and fruits is loved by many women but for some it’s too sweet. Great for all year round. Get it from Amazon here. If this is too sweet for you try Le Male instead and get it from Amazon here.


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