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Top 10 Date Perfumes for men


When picking a perfect date fragrance you don’t want to wear anything too loud but rather delicate, sweet and inviting. You also want to make sure the perfume lasts long or it wont be worth the money. These following fragrances are widely loved by women, they are long lasting, inviting and will get you compliments. To make picking a fragrance easier for you I will be listing some of the strongest notes of each scent. I will also tell you what season fits best for each perfume. We will start this list off with one of the best options for a date night. 

The One by D&G is a great safe choice. The One lasts many hours while not being too overpowering. It has strong notes of amber, tobacco, spices and grapefruit. It will be very hard to find anyone who dislikes this scent. Perfect fit for the colder days of the year. Get it from Amazon here.

Spice Bomb Extreme is a spicy vanilla scent with a strong tobacco note. This scent is perfect for winter and one of many peoples favourite fragrances. Get it from Amazon here.

Dylan Blue is a great scent all year round and yet another safe choice many women like. It has citrusy notes, amber, spicy notes, incense and aquatic notes. Get it from Amazon here. 

La Nuit De l’homme is an aromatic, spicy and woody mixture. With this winter time fragrance you’ll also get a very strong cardamom and lavender scent. Loved by many women around the world. Get it from Amazon here.

Layton has strong apple, cardamom and vanilla notes to it. This spicy and woody scent is great for basically any time of the year except maybe not the hottest days of summer. Safe choice for a date since almost every woman love this divine scent. Get it from Amazon here.

Prada l’homme is a great choice if you want to create a fresh and clean vibe. It also has a very strong powdery iris note. Amber, florals and woody notes are also strong in this. Great for warmer days of the year and great compliment getter. Get it from Amazon here.

Ambre Nuit is great for fall and winter. You’ll get strong notes of amber, rose and grapefruit with this widely loved and unique fragrance.

Dior Sauvage Eau de toilette is a spicy and fresh scent with strong lavender and woody notes. Great fragrance all year round and extremely safe choice that most women love. Get it from Amazon here.

Light Blue Intense has a marine vibe to it. It is citrusy, fresh and woody scent great for summer and spring. Some of the strongest notes in this are grapefruit, sea water and juniper. Extremely popular perfume for a reason. Get it from Amazon here. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is one of the most popular fragrances with a strong pear note. This sweet vanilla and fruity mixture is loved by many women but for some it’s too sweet. Great for all year round. Get it from Amazon here.


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