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Top 10 Long lasting perfumes for women


To get worth for your money you want to get a perfume that will have that long lasting power. When shopping for perfumes it’s always good to test it on your hand, go spend some time at the mall and then come back and make your purchase. If you skip this you might end up getting a beautiful scent with poor longevity. In case you are ordering online…well that’s why I’m here. This list contains the top 10 most popular long lasting perfumes for women. They are widely loved by men and women and will never disappoint you in the longevity department.

Angel Muse by Mugler is a very popular winter fragrance and my personal favourite for colder days. It has a strong patchouli, hazelnut and cocoa scent that creates a very long lasting and strong scent. For some it’s too strong so make sure to test it before buying. Many men love this seductive and sophisticated fragrance. Get it from Amazon here.

La Nuit Tresor by Lancome is very long lasting and strong scent that will get you compliments. Loved by many women and men and perfect for night time. It’s a sweet, fruity and bitter scent with incense for mature women and it’s best for colder days of the year.  Get it from Amazon here.

Coco Mademoiselle is a long lasting fresh scent. This citrusy, floral and woody mixture is very popular and great for all year round. Get it from Amazon here.

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is a very sweet honey scent. It has strong notes of white florals, caramel and honey. Not for everyone, but still loved by many men and women. Get it from Am/azon here.

Marc Jacobs Decandence is a strong scent made from woody notes, amber, florals and plum. This scent strongly shares people into two groups. Whether you love it or hate it, so make sure to test it first. Great for confident women and colder days of the year. Get it from Amazon here.

Tom Ford Black Orchid is not a typical women’s fragrance and could be worn by men. One of the most long lasting scents on this list with notes like black currant, wood, vanille, truffle, chocolate and incense. Get it from Amazon here.

Elie Saab Girl Of Now is a unique and sweet pistachio scent. It has strong notes of almond, pistachio, pear and orange blossom. Get it from Amazon here.

La vie est belle L’eclat is a strong white floral scent with notes of woods, orange blossom, vanilla and citruses. Widely loved fragrance great for spring, winter and fall. Get it from Amazon here.


Parfums De Marly Delina Exclusif is a fruity and floral rose scent with sweetness from vanilla. It lasts longer than the original and has a more smoother scent to it. Get it here on Amazon.

Feve Delicieuse is one of the best performing fragrances on this list. It’s pure sweetness made from vanilla, tonka bean, cacao, caramel, cherry and milk notes to mention few.


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