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Top 10 Longest Lasting Perfumes for men

Many scents are simply not worth buying for if they don’t last longer than an hour. There are so many options and beautiful scents but if it doesn’t last long you could as well just throw your money away. It’s so easy to go to a perfume store and test couple scents, fall in love with one and buy it then and there and later on get disappointed because of the poor longevity. When you really want your moneys worth you need to focus on the performance of the perfume. If you are testing some perfumes in a shopping mall don’t purchase it right away but spend some time at the mall to test how long it lasts on your wrist or clothes. In the following top 10 list I have gathered some of the most popular long lasting perfumes for men that are out there. These are great compliment getters and have an excellent performance.

Tobacco OUD by Tom Ford. Long lasting scent but not too overpowering. Majority of women and men love it while good amount still dislike it. It has notes of whiskey, agarwood oud, tobacco and other woody and sweet notes. Very nice scent for colder days. Get it from Amazon here.

Back to Black by Kilian is a very unique scent built from sweet notes like fruits, honey, gingerbread and almond and it has a strong tobacco note. One of the best long lasting perfumes and great for winter and fall. Get it from Amazon here.

Interlude Man by Amouage is a fresh scent with strong smoky note, amber note and woody notes. This spicy scent is extremely long lasting, great for cold season and women love it. Get it from Amazon here.

Vanille West Indies is one of the best vanilla scents out there. It has three basic notes vanilla, orchid and caramel. Loved by many women and men and great for all year round. Get from Amazon here.

Dior Sauvage Eau de parfume is really long lasting and powerful scent. It is a spicy and fresh scent with a strong lavender note. Great fragrance all year round. If you wish to get a more fresh version of this try the Eau De Toilette. Get it from Amazon here.

Dior Homme Parfum has a powdery iris note and strong leather note. It also has strong rose and woody notes. Very long lasting scent, loved by the majority and great for winter and fall. Get it from Amazon here.

Pure Tonka A*Men Mugler is spicy and sweet coffee fragrance. Some of the notes are cacao, tonka bean, vanilla and lavender. It’s quite a  strong scent that only few would dislike. Great for colder days. Get it from Amazon here.

Light Blue Intense has a marine vibe to it. It is citrusy, fresh and woody scent great for summer and spring. Some of the strongest notes in this are grapefruit, sea water and juniper. Extremely popular perfume for a reason. Get it from Amazon here. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is the party fragrance with a strong pear note. It has sweet vanilla and fruity notes. It’s loved by many but be careful since it can be a bit too sweet for some. Get it from Amazon here.

Acqua Di Gio Profumo is another very popular fragrance that many women and men love. It’s a summer and spring fragrance with strong sea and incense notes. This aromatic perfume has a good long lasting performance. Get it from Amazon here.

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  1. Cel mai persistent parfum este Dior Sauvage Elixir, cu persistență de până la 24 de ore pe pielea mea și peste 5 zile pe haine. Este un parfum pentru toate ocaziile și anotimpurile.

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