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Top 10 Unisex perfumes for men and women

Some of the following unisex fragrances are favoured by men or women but it doesn’t change the fact that they can be worn by either gender. It really comes to what kind of personality you are. Some more masculine unisex fragrances can still be worn by strong and confident women. As long as it is you wearing the perfume instead of the perfume “wearing” you. I gathered some of the most popular unisex fragrances and made sure to get a big variation of different scents. 

Ambre Nuit by Christian Dior is great for both men and women. It’s a simple and smooth amber & rose mixture. This is a unisex fragrance that has a long lasting power and is loved by many many people.

Tobacco Vanille has strong notes of vanilla, tobacco and sweet dried fruits. It is great for colder days and it’s extremely long lasting. It’s known to be worn and loved by many men and women. Get it from Amazon here.

Ck One by Calvin Klein is an all time favourite. Extremely popular fresh scent with an OK performance. This intriguing scent has green notes, citrusy notes, woody and musky notes, fruity notes and florals like lily-of-the-valley. Get it from Amazon here.

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a soft and woody Amber scent with great long lasting power. It’s known to be worn by men and women and it can also work as a signature scent. Easy choice for any occasion. Get it from Amazon here.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford is mostly word by women. It is a spicy gourmand scent with a heavy and powerful scent that lasts a very long time. It can be too masculine for some women and too feminine for some men so make sure to try this before buying. It’s a sweet mixture of chocolate, truffle, vanille, orchid, patchouli, spices, woody and fruity notes. Get it from Amazon here.

Byredo Bal d’Afrique is a woody, citrusy and floral scent that almost everyone love. This soft and aquatic scent has an OK performance but the scent itself is amazing. Get it from Amazon here.

Tonka Imperial is a super good gourmand scent. It is long lasting deliciousness with almond, tonka bean and tobacco notes. Perfect for men and women.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is yet another one of the all time favourites. It has an incredible citrusy and white floral scent. This mixture of citruses, Neroli, Amber and Lavender  has a good performance that can last for hours on your skin. Get it from Amazon here.

Vanille West Indies is a simple but yummy vanilla and caramel scent that has a great long lasting power. This is especially for people who love vanille scent.

Back to Black is a sweet scent of honey, cherry, vanille and tobacco. It’s a very long lasting unisex fragrance with unique notes of gingerbread, nuts and fruits. Even thought it is a sweet scent it is definitely also masculine and only few women could pull this off. Get it from Amazon here.

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