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Top 10 Winter perfumes for men


There are so many great fragrances you could wear in Winter. It’s quite easy to choose a nice perfume for Winter. Basically you want to look for a sweet and spicy and even chocolaty scent. Even thought sweet perfumes usually perform pretty well some can have some performance issues so I gathered some of the best performing and long lasting perfumes for you. There is a great variation of sweeter perfumes, spicy and unique perfumes so that you can find something you love. Many of these are very popular and already loved by many men and women. I personally love sweet perfumes so for me it has been easiest to pick a winter fragrance. We start off this list with a great unique whiskey scent!

Carolina Herrera CH men prive is a great winter and fall fragrance. Notes like leather, whiskey and cardamom create this perfume with a good performance and people love it. Get it from Amazon here.

Stronger with you is a spicy vanilla scent with woody notes. This aromatic fragrance has a great performance and will last long on your skin and it has some creative notes like: chestnut, pineapple and sage. Sweet perfume that many men and women love. Get it from Amazon here.

Pegasus parfums de marly is a sweet almond and floral scent. It’s perfect for winter and has a very good performance. No doubt most people will end up loving this fragrance. Get it from Amazon here.

Tobacco vanille is a mature scent with a strong tobacco and vanilla note. It’s a spicy and warm scent for the colder days and it has a great long lasting performance. Very popular and widely loved scent. Get it from Amazon here.

Le Male Essence de parfum is a great scent for winter and  fall. It has a strong leather note, vanilla note and lavender note. This warm spicy scent is not too overpowering while it lasts a long time. Get it from Amazon here.

Valentino uomo intense has a great performance and strong notes of iris, leather and vanilla. It’s elegant, sweet and unique perfume and almost everyone loves it. Get it from Amazon here.

The name “Spice Bomb Extreme” describes this fragrance very well. The notes of vanilla, tobacco and black pepper are a great fit for winter time and this fragrance has a strong scent that lasts long on your skin. It’s one of those popular fragrances that are loved my many and is very hard to dislike. Get it from Amazon here.

CK One Shock is an affordable perfume liked by many people while not being too popular. This long lasting scent has strong notes of tobacco, cardamom, amber, clementine and lavender. Get it from Amazon here.

Thierry Mugler A*Men is a super popular scent perfect for winter. Some of the strongest notes with this are caramel, coffee, patchouli, vanilla, honey and milk. It’s a very sweet, unique and widely loved fragrance with a super strong performance. 

Last but not least we have the “all time favourite” D&G The One! It’s not too strong but still lasts for hours and radiates within arms length. It smells like amber, tobacco, spices and citruses. It’s popular and easy to like which makes it a very safe choice for any occasion. Get it from Amazon here.

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