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Top 10 Spring perfumes for men


Many Summer perfumes can be great in Spring time but if you want to have one perfume for  each month and are looking for  a perfect fit for Spring look no further. The following perfumes are popular, mass appealing, unique and long lasting. A great Spring perfume is in the middle of sweet and fresh. Many of the following you might have already heard of and some are great basically all year round. If you are interested in seeing what fragrances you can use all year round check out this post. I have gathered together a variety of different types of scents so that everyone could find at least one they like. Without further ado lets start the top 10 list!

John Varvatos Artisan Pure is a perfect mixture of woody, citrusy and spicy notes. It’s also great for summer and hardly anyone dislikes it. It will last for hours while not being overwhelmingly strong. Get it from Amazon here.

Yves Saint Laurent Y for men is a great fresh spicy scent that women absolutely love. It has a great long lasting performance and nice mixture of woody notes, spicy notes and fruity notes. Get it from Amazon here.

Blanc Lacoste has a good performance with affordable price. This scent has a nice yellow floral, tuberose, woody and citrus scent to it and it’s a pretty safe choice meaning many people like it. Get it from Amazon here.

D&G Light Blue Intense is a very fresh and long lasting scent that is also great in Summer. It’s a very popular and widely loved citrusy scent with a pretty simple selection of notes: grapefruit, sea water, juniper, mandarin orange, Amberwood and musk. Get it from Amazon here.

Ultra Zest by Mugler fits perfectly for Spring. It’s very citrusy having notes like blood orange and tangerine while also having sweet notes like vanilla. Mixed with all the sweet and fresh notes there are also spicyness from coffee, cinnamon and ginger. Great fragrance for day time that many people love.

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss is another great choice for Spring. If you are a fan of Hugo Boss like most of us then this is a good safe choice. It has notes like apple, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood and plum. This fragrance will come across as a sweet vanilla mixed with woody notes, spices and fruits. It’s very popular and disliked by very few people. Get it from Amazon here.


The one is a popular spicy scent for night time. This tobacco and amber mixture also has a  grapefruit note and it’s loved by many. Performance is also good and it will last for hours on your skin. Get it from Amazon here.

Prada l’Homme is a fresh scent to wear at day time. Also a very popular scent with strong notes of iris, amber, wood and neroli. This spicy scent lasts for a long time while not being too offending. Get it from Amazon here.

  L’Homme Ideal Eau De Parfum by Guerlain is a unique fragrance with a cherry note. This sweet mixture of vanilla, almond, cherry and leather is disliked by only few. It’s not too popular and because of it’s uniqueness and long lasting power you’ll stand out from the crowd. Get it from Amazon here.

One of the most expensive fragrances on this list but also one of the most loved is the Creed Aventus. With Aventus you get a scent of wood, fruit and musk with a strong pineapple note. It’s very long lasting and almost no one dislikes it. Get it from Amazon here.

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