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Best Perfumes to give as a gift for men


The best perfumes to give as a gift are mass appealing, long lasting and not too overpowering. You want to pick a safe choice that many women and men like and that is great for basically any occasion. Some people are also more sensitive so you don’t want to get a super strong scent that fills the whole room. We are after scents that radiate within arms length to couple meters and lasts good amount of hours. I gathered some different fragrances that are all very popular and liked among many. It’s hard to go wrong with these ones. 

Layton is aromatic vanilla scent with spicy and fresh notes. It’s good for any occasion and has excellent performance. Very safe and good choice that basically anyone would love. Get it from Amazon here.

Versace  Dylan Blue Pour Homme is a citrusy, aquatic amber scent with spices. It’s strong enough and can last a long time while being great for any occasion. Many people like this sweet yet musky perfume. Get it from Amazon here.

Bleu de Chanel Eau De Parfume is yet another citrusy scent with strong grapefruit and incense note. You’ll also notice it has a string amber and  woody notes. Long lasting scent with good power to impress people around you. This is a great warm spicy scent for basically any season and occasion. Get it from Amazon here.

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l’Homme is one of the best winter fragrances. It’s a spicy and woody floral scent with notes like  lavender and cardamom. This great fragrance also has a great performance and almost everyone loves it. Get it from Amazon here.

Aqua di gio Profumo is loved by women and men. It’s one of the most popular fresh and sweet perfumes right now. It’s aromatic scent with incense and sea notes and it has good long lasting power. Get it from Amazon here.

Sauvage Dior Eau Toilette is a fresh scent that has become very popular and it’s specifically loved by many women. This mascular scent has woody notes, citrusy  notes and some spicy notes and it’s great for mature men. Get it from Amazon here.

Creed Aventus is great for all ages. It’s a mixture of pineapple, leather and woody notes. While it has some sweet fruitiness it’s still a mascular scent perfect for anyone. Get it from Amazon here.

Light Blue Intense Pour Homme is a summer fragrance. It’s very fresh citrusy scent that basically everyone loves. Seawater, juniper, amberwood and musk work perfectly together with the citrusy notes and create this long lasting scent. Get it from Amazon here.

Versace Eros is still a great perfume to get for the younger generation. It’s aromatic while also having sweetness from vanilla and fruits. It is a long lasting perfume perfect for night time and girls still love it. Get it from Amazon here.

Le Male Essence is also great for anyone. It’s sweet yet fresh and sophisticated. It has spicy notes, leather and vanilla that create a long lasting scent. Get it from Amazon here.



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