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Best Perfumes to give as a gift for women


The best perfumes to give as a gift are mass appealing, long lasting and not too overpowering. You want to pick a safe choice that many women and men like and that is great for basically any occasion. Some people are also more sensitive so you don’t want to get a super strong scent that fills the whole room. We are after scents that radiate within arms length to couple meters and lasts good amount of hours. I gathered some different fragrances that are all very popular and liked among many. It’s hard to go wrong with these ones. We start with one of the most safe choices that basically anyone would appreciate.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is one of the most popular perfumes among women. It is citrusy, sweet and has some musk and white florals as well as woody notes. It’s disliked only by few even thought it is so popular. This one also has a great very long lasting performance. Get it from Amazon here. 

Gold Couture is a sweet caramel scent mixed with vanilla and white florals. This is also very popular and almost everyone likes it, especially men. This is a seductive scent for younger women with a good performance. Get it from Amazon here.

Valentino Donna is a rosy, floral and powdery scent with a good performance. This is also pretty popular and only few would dislike it. Very feminine scent that fits perfectly for this purpose no matter who you are buying it for. Get it from Amazon here.

La Vie Est Belle is loved by so many and it is extremely popular. It’s also a very sweet scent and has a great performance. This gourmand scent has notes of pear, vanilla and praline. Get it from Amazon here. 

Flower bomb viktor&rolf is a sweet flower scent. It’s loved by many and it is extremely popular so make sure whoever you are buying this for doesn’t already have it. It’s great for women of any age and it has a pretty powerful and long lasting scent. Get it from Amazon here.

Mon Guerlain is best for mature women. It has a sweet vanilla scent with a nice lavender note. It’s sophisticated and innocent with a good performance and it’s loved by many. Get it from Amazon here.

Parfums de marly Delina is a unique litchi and rose scent. It’s sweet & fruity floral scent that men absolutely love. It’s great compliment getter with an excellent long lasting power. Almost everyone absolutely love this fragrance. Get it from Amazon here.

D&G Light Blue Intense is a fresh summer scent with a strong citrusy note. It’s very popular right now and it’s great gift specifically at summer. This fresh scent is one of the best fresh citrusy scents and pretty much everyone like it. It also has a very good performance. Get it from Amazon here.

Black opium is very popular among women with a nice unique note mixture of fruit and coffee. Many men also love this sweet perfume. It’s yet another safe choise that most likely anyone would appreciate as a gift. It’s perfect for colder days of the year with a good performance. Get it from Amazon here.


Dior Poison girl Eau De Toilette Is a sweet scent perfect for younger women and girls. It’s great for fall and it has good performance with strong caramel, citrus and vanilla notes. Get it from Amazon here.


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