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Top 10 Head turner perfumes for men

This top 10 list is about head turners that have a good sillage. People will smell your perfume when you pass them at the streets and they will remember you. It has been studied that a nice perfume can make you appear more attractive and a specific note can boost you confidence. Since there are so many different fragrances out there I made choosing the right one a bit easier for you by gathering all the best head turner fragrances on this list. These perfumes have some of the best performance meaning they last long and they have a good sillage. These unique scents will get you noticed.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is loved by many and it has such a great performance. People will definitely notice you when wearing this popular scent. This heavy fragrance is for the colder seasons and it obviously has a strong vanilla & tobacco scent but among those you’ll get a dried fruit scent and different spices. Get it from Amazon here.

Aventus Creed is a sweet fruity scent mixed with leather and smoky notes. This popular fragrance will last long and get you compliments. People will remember you and most likely everyone will love this fragrance. Get it here on Amazon.

La Nuit De L’Homme is another great fragrance that women love and that will last long with a good sillage. It’s a mixture of cardamom, lavender and woody notes that fits for the colder seasons. Very popular scent loved by many and a safe choice. Get it from Amazon here.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is the party fragrance with a strong pear note. When you are wearing this aromatic and sweet vanilla scent women will turn to look at you as you pass by. One of my personal favorite fragrances on men. It has an extremely good performance and very few dislike this. Get it from Amazon here.

Layton de Marly is a great attention grabber with a fantastic scent. This fresh spicy scent has vanilla and fruit notes and it’s great day and night or basically any occasion. Very few dislike this heavy scent and it will last a long time. Safe choice. Get it from Amazon here.

Next on the list we have the very popular Versace Eros that will always get womens attention. This is one of my personal favorites. It has a strong vanilla and mint scent mixed with spicy, fruity and woody notes. It’s a popular night time fragrance with a great performance but even thought many people use this in the club this could work well as a signature scent in any occasion. Get it here from Amazon.

With Prada L’homme you get a nice fresh flower scent from iris and neroli. You’ll also smell a fresh spicy notes among some woody notes. It’s a great day time fragrance for warmer days in summer, fall or spring. Great compliment getter few dislike with a long lasting performance. Get it from Amazon here.

Acqua Di Gio Profumo is another very popular fragrance that many women and men love. It’s a summer and spring fragrance with strong sea and incense notes. This aromatic perfume has a good long lasting performance. Get it from Amazon here.

Everyone knows the next one… Dior Sauvage eau de toilette. Seen so many videos where everyone votes for Dior Sauvage. Ladies love it including me. It’s great for any occasion, it’s fresh and it lasts a long time. The only minus is how popular it has become. Get it from Amazon here.

F by Ferragamo Black is a good safe choice. It’s a nice scent of lavender, apple and sweet tonka bean with spices. This strong, aromatic, fresh spicy scent will last you a long time and it’s worthy of compliments. Get it here on Amazon.


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  1. Please send me testers, samplers, or the smallest bottles you have so that I can test and see which ones ill want to order.

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