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Top 10 Head turner perfumes for women

This top 10 list is about head turners that have a good silage. People will smell your perfume when you pass them at the streets and wonder who was that person with such a good scent. It has been studied that a nice perfume can make you appear slimmer and more attractive. Since there are so many different fragrances out there I made choosing the right one a bit easier for you by gathering all the best head turner fragrances on this list. These perfumes have some of the best performance meaning they last long and they have a heavy or moderate sillage.

La Nuit Tresor is my favorite perfume and I would say it’s also my husbands favorite at the moment. To me it smells like a sour candy. It’s very sweet and has many different notes. It’s a great mixture of fruit notes, pralice, caramel, incense and flower notes to mention few. When I spray this the whole room will smell like it and it lasts the whole day. I don’t know many people who dislike this it’s so good. If you like sweet scents I think this one would be one of those safe blind buys. Get it on Amazon here.

Dylan Blue Pour Femme by Versace is another great perfume with notes of flowers and fruits. This could be a signature scent and it’s also a pretty safe choice. It lasts for hours while staying strong enough to impress anyone passing by. Get it from Amazon here.

Angel Muse by Mugler is another one of my favorites. This is better for colder seasons and it reminds me of those chocolate liquor candies. Very sophisticated scent that will turn into a nuttier softer gourmand scent on time. This is definitely a very long lasting perfume with a great sillage. I’m sure people will notice your perfume if you choose this one. On the other hand this is not for everyone because it’s so strong and a different/unique scent. I believe there are people who either love this or hate this. Get it here from Amazon.

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is a very sweet super long lasting honey bomb. If you already know you like perfumes that have a honey note then you might want to switch into this one. You’ll get a sniff of patchouli, beeswax, honey and caramel that will linger on your skin for ages. Great fall & winter time fragrance. Get it from Amazon here.

Feve delicieuse is an extremely long lasting and strong scent that comes with a prize! Men absolutely love. This unique scent has tonka bean, vanilla and cherry to mention few. With the rest of the notes it becomes a nice gourmand scent that will definitely turn heads when you arrive in the room.

Baccarat rouge 540 is another great perfume with a higher prize. Many say Ariana Grande’s Cloud reminds them of  540 a lot even tho the notes are so different. It’s a warm spicy and woody scent that men love and it lasts extremely long! This one is great for basically any season except summer. Get it from Amazon here.

Next one in this list is the very popular La Vie Est Belle. This has a great performance as well and it will definitely get you noticed. Many women and men love this one. It’s a safe choice and the scent is a mixture of  patchouli, vanilla, praline and fruity notes. This sweet fragrance is great day and night. Get it from Amazon here.

Marc Jacobs Decadence is another fragrance with a great performance. This is for confident women and the scent really shares people either against or for it. Very unique strong plum scent mixed with amber, woody notes and flowers. Great for winter, fall and spring. Get it here from Amazon.

Delina Parfums De Marly is a fresh yet sweet rose scent mixed with musk, litchi and rhubarb to mention few. Men love this fragrance and it has a good performance with a possiblity to last over 12 hours. Only few dislike this very long lasting sweet perfume and it will most certainly make men go crazy around you! Just be careful not to blind buy if you don’t like sweet fragrances too much. Very unique fragrance and not too popular. Get it from Amazon here.

Last but not least we have Dior Poison girl which you can use as a signature fragrance any occasion or season. This has a sweet almond and vanilla scent mixed with some flowers. Very sweet girly fragrance that only few dislike. This popular fragrance will last long and has a good sillage. Get it from Amazon here.


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