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Top 10 Dry skin care tips for winter


We know that winter doesn’t only bring cold but dry air and skin problems but luckily with some tips you can take better care of your skin during the winter season or in general if you suffer from dry skin problems. This top 10 list provides you with some of the best tips for dry skin problems during winter.

Many of us enjoy hot showers but the truth is that it is not the best for your skin. Luke warm water is a better choice if you want to prevent your skin getting dry specially in winter.

Remember not to use too much soap. This can just increase the irritation. Also look for fragrance-free natural and gentle options to use whether you are taking a shower or just washing your hands.

While you are having your shower try using in-shower body lotion or put on lotion right after having a shower because the shower will wash off your skins natural oils. This is a great way to keep your skin moisturized after having a shower that tends to make your skin dry.

Remember to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week.This is one of the important parts of keeping your skin hydrated whether it’s winter or not.

Use oil based moisturizer for your skin. This is great for dry skin and will make sure it gets nurtured.

Make sure the skin care products you use are gentle and fragrance-free.

Make sure you get your vitamins specially during winter. Vitamins can help you keep your skin healthy. You could just add some fruits into your diet or have supplements.

If you don’t have a humidifier to prevent the air getting so dry I recommend to get one. You can use for example lavender oil to also calm yourself while the humidifier keeps your room humid. It’s very relaxing and great in winter.


Remember to moisturize often enough. It’s easy to forget but I recommend purchasing a small hand lotion so that you can take it with you anywhere.

And last but not least remember that it matters what kind of clothes you are wearing. Don’t wear rough or wool clothing against your bare skin since it will irritate it. Instead wear breathable and soft materials like cotton.



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